Al Simones – Corridor Of Dreams / Enchanted Forest (1992/97 us astonishing acid psychedelic fuzz rock – Flac)

Você gosta de acid psychedelic fuzz rock?; então eis um prato transbordante de tudo isso, principalmente o primeiro álbum de 1992, o Corridor Of Dreams, isso é "chapante". Desfrutem!

Legendary US psych gem from the early 90’s…Al Simones gave us this awesome debut LP full of Hendrix-like guitars, wah/wah assaults, fuzz delights, psych echoes and effects, totally stoned feel…To all fans of great guitarists, if you do not know Al Simones “The man orchestra” If you like the effects in all their forms, here it is served. This is fantastic level Hendrix, Buchanan … but different.

Corridor of dreams / Enchanted forest 2 albums on 1 CD, Originally released privately in 1992 & 1997.

We could barely find out anything about this guy on the internet, but what we do know, is this is some seriously tripped out, druggy and damaged folk flecked wild psychedelia. 

The bit surprise is that it’s not from the sixties, or the seventies, or even the eighties, this stuff was recorded in the early to mid nineties, but everything about it screams lost sixties psych rarity, which was obviously the intent. 

Some folks here were quite surprised once we discovered it was in fact relatively modern, but hell, that hardly takes away from the genius tweakage going on here.

The first minute of “Peakin’” should have you convinced, urgently strummed minor key steel string acoustic guitar, wandering rubbery basslines, and a non stop barrage of super wild freaked out psychedelic leads, not to mention some truly bizarre vocals, a sort of guttural groan, or that sound you make when you slow down your voices as slow as possible “aaaaaaaaaaaa a a a a a a” or when you try to talk while breathing in, whatever he’s doing, it’s freaky, there seems to be some other female vocals swooping in from time to time, but it’s all about the throat singing like groans, and those shredding leads.

Not all of the stuff is so heavy and far out, but it’s all pretty twisted, jangly and sixties sounding, always with some strange sheen, whether it’s effects or strange production, and every song is rife with sonic mysteries and oddities, treated backwards guitars, found sounds, mysterious vocals, croaking frogs, all sorts of strange distortions and delays, and almost always a squall of super freaked out wild and woolly fuzz guitar. 

Even with all that craziness and weirdness, the songs manage to still sound pretty, and woozy, and dreamy and catchy, in addition to sounding twisted and demented.

All in all, some seriously freaky, far out, kick ass private press psychedelia, great acid drenched psych fuzzed rock, with looping phased backwards guitar, with some folkish elements but mostly freaked out YaHoWa 13 style jamming. Released privately in just 500 copies and long deleted.


*Al Simones: All Instruments, All Words, All Lyrics
*Chris Ball: Bass Jam on Purple Jam
*Doug Riley: Drums on Purple Jam & Shot Down


  1. Thanks for these two albums. They are mind-blowing!

  2. Simones, who?

    These two early 1990's private press LP's by Al Simones are some of the best psych you will ever treat your ears and mind to. I kid you not, there is absolutely no filler here. Discover the secret so many dealers and collectors are on to already. Some of the best and craziest psych and rock music comes out of Ohio. Anyway, check it out, you will not be disappointed.

    Patrick the Lame-A.

  3. FANTASTIC! Many thanks for turning me onto this masterpiece.

  4. Oh man, Thanks a bunch for the lossless copy, i considered myself lucky enough just by having some mp3 files (vbr v-2 encoded), but now with this "upgrade", it must be 'faith' not luck.. ^^.. // Seriously, Thank you very very much for sharing, this is not something you encounter everyday, let alone turn your back on an original copy for sale, & yes ; that's the kind'a of releases i'll be more than happy to buy if i can.// Otherwise ; you said pretty much everything essential about this topic, so i don't want to go over things with different expressions from the moment our impressions & feelings about this are more or less mutual, but still , i wonder how can such a nice upload stay without 'recognition' comments,.. i understand that Al Simones is one of those underrated "True" artists but still ... Anyway, repeat: "this is some seriously Tripped out, Druggy and damaged folk flecked wild psychedelia."
    The 2009 Album "From The Electric Cornfield" is excellent as well (i only have a sorry lossy copy -that i can share of course any case..-) but the artist talent is so overwhelming that i won't care about my presence in place & time as the brain is melting while listening... i'm sure many good listeners feel the same way about this jamming music x) //
    By the way i'd like to mention another guitarist at the same level of potential & lack of attention: "Nick Riff", anything related to this name is precious & more than welcome...
    Anyway ; i can not Thank you enough for this but i hope the gratitude can 'get to pass' , it's Appreciated, have a long nice listening Experience.

  5. Thanks very much. Great artist!

  6. Could you please provide new link? Thank you.

    1. NEW LINK:
      EAC > Flac+.cue+log (100%)+scans (600 dpi)!VkgyRCgC!BeKbQNXXDdQd6iNcHSWYg36OZffAPX5941NorvaaUVI

    2. never knew of this band and have to say its brilliant . love both albums. many thanks NEL!!!


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