Jun Kamikubo - Nothingness (Miracle Of San Francisco) [1972 amazing japanese hard/psychedelic blues rock] {Cardboard Sleeve reissue} Flac

As bandas de rock japonesas que pipocaram no final dos anos sessenta e durante os setenta, assim como muitas coisas oriundas do país do sol nascente, são brilhantes vide como exemplo a fabulosa "Flower Travelling Band". E esse único álbum do músico Jun Kamikubo não foge a essa regra; é um estupendo álbum de hard/heavy rock e apesar de alguns torcerem o nariz pelo fato de ser cantado em seu idioma original, isso não afeta em nada a qualidade sonora dessa preciosidade! Desfrutem!

Jun Kamikubo was an obscure musician who released one record in small quantity, 
'Nothingness' [Express, 1972]. Completely unknown and amazing album, only released in Japan as a very small pressing, really screaming fuzz guitar and great vocals. 

One of the best Japanese underground albums of all times. Reissued on LP in a strictly limited edition (350 copies)  The album 
has been reissued on LP by Shadoks, and more recently on CD by Toshiba-EMI.


  1. LINK:

    EAC > Flac+.cue+log+full scans (600 dpi)




  2. Onde posso encontrar este álbum para comprar?

  3. Thanks time to check this one,unknown to me..

  4. Great Album, I have been listening to some of the Japanese rock bands from the 70's and I must say; they are all really great. It's too bad we did not have access to them back then. Have you heard the Far East Family Band? If not; check them out. Thanks for this album, Great Stuff!! buzzcut9@juno.com

  5. Living in Japan, I'm looking forward to listening to this.
    Thanks! :)


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