Point Blank - Point Blank / Second Season (1976/1977 us tremendous hard/southern rock with AOR touches, 02 albums on 1 CD) Flac

Em minha opinião esses dois álbuns são os melhores da discografia dessa banda americana, que é classificada como sendo de southern rock, mas eu acho que o seu debut está mais para hard do que para southern rock e nesse álbum eu encontro, para o meu gosto musical, as melhores músicas dessa grande banda. Se alguém ouve "Moving" e não sai batendo cabeça eu acho que está morto e ainda não sabe! Desfrutem!



  1. Point Blank hails from Texas and has stayed one of the most underrated bands from the 70's Southern rock scene. He made his first two albums they released have a patron of Bill Ham, which was hidden behind the success and fame of trio - ZZ Top.

    They called Odessa in 1972, he appeared, now legendary name Point Blank. After 1982 years suspended business activities. For many years, connoisseurs of hard won their plate. With exchanges like diamonds disappeared. Point Blank - Great Forgotten. Yes written about them and in fact, almost forgotten. And after all, were the elite of southern rock. There were as much about the fate of Lynyrd Skynyrd allowed to function. Oh, how close they were to each other. Eternally rebellious, not only exploded on the scene. Just like the Lynyrd Skynyrd as Point Blank and the nickname stuck incorrect adventurers. And they defended themselves against the Yankees with their taunting parochial origin. So banging in the mouth without resistance. The band of friends. Band of Brothers! Had a lot of luck at the start. Rusty Burns has worked as a technical ZZ Top. Learned a lot then. He learned show business from the other side, not necessarily the brightest. This later helped him make all the decisions .. Then he met Bill Hama, manager and producer of ZZ Top, while the owner Label - Lone Wolf Productions. They met at a charity picnic in the park named General Lee - a hero of the South. There, having at its disposal a small Marshall, Rusty played Billy sketches of his songs to be born just having a band. Ham delighted Rustego supported the idea. They met again later in the Cellar Club in Forth Worth, Texas, to sign the contract. There appeared to come together greatest. Rusty loved this magical place. He played there frequently with a variety of ensembles, honed craft. When he returned from another tour ZZ Top again appeared in the Forth Worth to collect the right people. He was lucky. In a short time, assembled the explosive composition. Johnny had a powerful singing O'Daniel, on the other guitar will play Kim Davis. Bass Phillip Petty handle. And in the end appeared as Rusty says, man-hammer drummer Peter "Buzzy" Gruen. So I've had a band and was well aware of the potential that lies dormant in these musicians. 21 July 1974 they played their first gig at the Silver Eagle Club in Dallas. Phillip wrote - we got there on the stage and then the tables zdmuchnęliśmy all mugs. Having a contract with Arista went on a two-year tour. They started as a support ZZ Top. However, it quickly turned out to ZZ Top as dangerous. It was hard to leave after their theatrical madness and delight the audience something else. Thank You Mama depreciated everything that could be followed by. After six weeks of ZZ Top resigns rozgrzewacza who burn their audience. For the first year they played almost every day. Plays material that is recorded later in a studio in parędziesiąt hours. Almost a hundred. Apply to know how to knock. Rusty talked about it - noo, we went into the studio and played another show. After a little more I worked on it but I did not have a lot of change. Debut was released on July 1, 1976, and was produced by Bill Ham, the man who brought us ZZ Top 6 years earlier. Rusty Burns, one of the Point Blank guitar players, was supposedly Billy Gibbons' guitar tech. Obviously they were well steeped in the ZZ Top vibe, and it shows in the music. This album sounds like a cross between the early ZZ Top albums and the more rocking side of Lynyrd Skynyrd. American newspaper choked with these crazy rock. The Melody Maker appeared extensive spread of "Pride and ZZ Top was born in New volume". Energy and fury outstripped their masters. This album is a southern rock volcano, to this day causes dizziness at listener.

  2. The record opens with "Free Man," a slow, dirty, sharp nine chord tune about the boys in blue. Wicked slide guitar in the beginning before it bursts into a slammin' double time twin guitar assault. These guys are pissed about the cops hassling them because of their long hair. With barely a breath, we're into "Moving," a driving ZZ Top/"Down Brownie" groove with cool harmony vocals and a killer modulation chorus and guitar break. Smokin' guitar solo. Like ZZ Top's "Down Brownie," the only flaw is that it is far too short.

    "Wandering" starts out as a galloping twin guitar lead metalish trip that suddenly puts on the brakes and becomes a melancholy southern rock ballad, then jumps back to a gallop for dualing guitars. Next up is "Bad Bees", a straight ahead shuffle, a la "Chevrolet." "That's the Law" is sort of a Trapeze/Humble Pie trip given the southern rock treatment. It's got a great insrumental section with smokin' guitar action in the middle. "Lone Star Fool" brings us back from Skynyrd territory to the slow, tough, strutting blues riffage that we started out with.

    "Distance" is a good old southern rock ballad that builds from the sad quiet beginning to the tear-jerker guitar solo and angst ridden last chorus. I just wish they had gotten a little heavier in the end, but it's still cool. The album closes with what seems like the radio single, but stick with it and you'll be rewarded with some good riffage and guitar battling.

    This is a good album in it's entirety with some seriously rocking stuff. Great guitar sounds throughout, good Molly Hatchett-esque vocals from John O'Daniels, and some burnin' guitar riffs. It starts off very ZZ Top-ish(can't go wrong there- at least not until the 80's anyway), but ultimately ends up being a solid, well done, heavier and harder-than-most, Southern Rock record.

    The second album was Point Blank show in full light. They had to face his own talent tchniętym to debut material. In 1977, once again demonstrates the effort Aristy Second Seasons album. Today, this southern rock canon; model for others. Outstanding compositions and bravura performance still reflect the greatness of this album. One of the most beautiful in the history of southern rock.

    @Nel,the great thanks for sharing! Big hugs! :)

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  3. Nelwizard,

    Embora já tenha esses 2 álbuns separados, devo agradecer a você por esta versão unificada e que me soa remasterizada.

    Concordo contigo nos comentários acima, mas as canções Wandering e Nasty Notions também merecem destaque.




  4. It's good to see such great classics (unfortunately somewhat forgotten) on the blogsphere. This 2 fantastic albums are amongst my favorites since more than 30 years, all songs here are great. Essential in any southern rock/ hard rock collection. Slightly lower, their third and fourth album are also very good, and deserve to be acquired.
    Rock On!!!


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