Haystacks Balboa - Haystacks Balboa (Detoxified) [1970 us hard/heavy acid rock blended with progressive touches) Flac

Mais uma pérola setentista que a cada nova audição torna-se melhor; grande álbum! Vale aqui destacar que algumas canções foram escritas por Larry West da banda americana The Vagrants, e nada menos do que irmão mais novo do grandioso Leslie West (Mountain). Desfrutem!


  1. LINK:

    EAC > Flac+.cue+log+ full set scans at 600 dpi



  2. Thank you very much NelW for this great share. MUCH appreciated!

  3. Great album heavy-progressive American group from NYC!
    Reissue of their elusive 1970 one and only album of heavy acid rock. Very juicy and aggressive heavy-prog-rock (with slight psychedelic influence) - seasoned with a large amount of organs Hammond, accompany brooding rock vocals. In essence, Haystacks Balboa is almost like an American response to Krautrock proving that the US has a few bands that know how to play freaky, weird, progressive rock.

    Read:(interview with Mark Polott, bass)

    Nel Thanks for taking care of blog!


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