Chimera - Chimera (1967-70 uk, astonishing acid folk/baroque psychedelic rock - 09 bonus) Flac

Bem, as demos adicionadas a esse CD como bônus, em minha opinião, servem mais como curiosidade e item de colecionador, mas as 10 originais canções do original álbum são espantosamente boas, eu diria que alguns sons são "estonteantes de bons"! Desfrutem essa preciosidade!

Legendary lost masterpiece of late '60s acid folk/baroque psychedelia, the unreleased 1969 album by Chimera -- featuring future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston -- was partly produced by Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason who, like Rick Wright, makes a cameo appearance. 

First released a few years ago in vinyl-only format, this first-ever CD issue adds an extra eight pre-album demos to provide the definitive Chimera anthology. 12-page booklet with lots of photos and the full story behind the band's astonishing adventures in Swinging London.


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    EAC >Flac+.cue+log+full set scans at 600 dpi


  2. Chimera were signed to Morgan Bluetown Records and as so often happens in record labels... they stalled (they releases)what this led to-members band, that becoming disheartened with what should have been a straightforward.. actually successful project,and they disbanded leaving an of classic late 60′s progressive, acid-folk songs unreleased. In 2002, 32 years after recording, the album “Chimera” was remastered and finally released on a Tenth Planet (TP 054) label( Limited to 1000 copies, on 190 gram audiophile vinyl) and in 2004', issued on CD by Wooden Hill,with until 9 bonus.

    Yet, one pearl, scooped out after years, from vast archives of the British acid folk. This time it is an ephemeral project, where they met, among others, future Fleetwood Mac guitarist Bob Weston,Mal Luker (Smoke) with co-founders of Pink Floyd, Nick Mason and Rick Wright well as two young phenomenon of girls on vocal,Francesca Garnett and Lisa Bankoff,creating an offbeat unusual, captivating album full an oneiric atmosphere of musical gems shimmering in all the colors of psychedelia.

    Simple, folk songs are in tasteful, but without avoiding extravagance setting of arrangement... adjacent to with the submitted chamber experiments which depend directly from the technical possibilities of the recording studio. The unpretentious pop,in retro style is constantly counterpoints through underground, love of musicians to eccentric. intervention all too transparent structure the song.

    The whole of recalls slightly other psychedelic rarities,scenes British as: Ithaca - ''A Game For All Who Knew''(1973), or Agincourt - ''Fly Away''(1970),on which folk sensibility was recognized in the framework of the electronic experiment. "Chimera" certainly deserves attention not only to fans Fairport Convention!

    @Nel buddy, you are good soul of this blog! :D
    Big hugs!

  3. Hello, good people!!!

    Parabéns pelo sensacional blog...!!!!

    Muitas raridades...muitas.....material primoroso.

    Por favor, poderiam re-upar o grande:

    Dezo Ursiny Provisorium - same (1972, CzechoSlovakia, Progrockpsych, Supraphon vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR12, artwork)

    Pois o link está morto........


  4. Woww, isto è mais que uma joia; e que nao tenho palavras para espresar minha gratitude para con vc. Estou "NAMORADO" de Chimera e sempre (na minha vida) que tenho tempo escuto esta maravilha de mulheres, adoro sua musica e estilo. Uma aperta de todo coraçao......... Gustavo.


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