OCTOPUS: The Boat Of Thoughts (1976) (2009 Remaster) [FLAC]

Artist: Octopus

Album: The Boat Of Thoughts

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Rock, Krautrock
Year: 1976
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Sireena / 2051 (2009 Remaster)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

The Boat Of Thoughts foi o primeiro álbum do Octopus - banda alemã formada na cidade de Frankfurt em meados de 1973 pelo guitarrista Pit Hensel e pelo baixista Claus D. Kniemeyer - e atualmente é considerado o melhor entre os quatro que a banda produziu. O Octopus foi uma de várias bandas que fizeram parte da segunda fase do rock progressivo em geral na Alemanha, durante a metade e o fim da década de 70. Era uma banda que se destacava não só por ter Jennifer Hensel como vocalista, mas por já em seu primeiro álbum ter constituído uma identidade singular, que por sua vez foi um dos primeiros produtos da recém-instituída SKY Records, que abrigou tantas bandas progressivas novas na época. Altamente recomendado em especial para fãs de progressivo sinfônico.

The Boat Of Thoughts was Octopus debut album - a German band formed in Frankfurt around 1973 by guitarrist Pit Hensel and bassist Claus D. Kniemeyer - and nowadays it is often regarded as the best out of the four studio works produced by the band. Octopus was one of many bands which belonged to the second wave of progressive rock in general in Germany, lasting from mid to late 70s. It was a peculiar band not only for featuring Jennifer Hensel as vocalist but also for setting up a solid and unique identity already on their debut album, which by the way was one of the very first SKY Records products, responsable for sheltering many new progressive bands back then. Highly recommended especially for symphonic progressive fans.

01 The First Flight Of The Owl (5:16)
02 Kill Your Murderer (6:14)
03 If You Ask Me (6:14)
04 The Dejelable Rise Of Glib (3:22)
05 We Are Loosing Touch (5:55)
06 The Boat Of Thoughts (9:08)

Pit Hensel - guitars
Werner Littau - keyboards
Jennifer Hensel - vocals
Frank Eule - drums
Claus D. Kniemeyer - bass

Originally released as SKY Records 009 in 1976.



  1. Neither Freeman nor brothers Dag Erik Asbjornsen not mention the debut album of the Frankfurt Group Octopus in their Krautrockkompendien (maybe it's a little late to published). "The Boat Of Thoughts" but is also no typical Krautrock disc, at least not in the sense in which the aforementioned authors understand such music. This is not cosmic meditative, it is not jamming jazz-rock, the music does not sound like underground garages, it sounded no electronics freak-outs and also in experimentally-garde ways is hardly something to offer. Somehow the whole thing works but herbaceous and proggy (even if not particularly progressive), the album is also,mellotron and guitar work is pretty cool, and even sounds incredibly similar to Camel at times. Lead vocalist Jennifer Hensel does have a rather gruff alto voice that won’t be to all tastes, but it does suit the music very well, imagine a cross between Janis Joplin (without the grit) and Jennie Hahn from Babe Ruth.

    Octopus originated from Frankfurt of mid-1973, formation founded by guitarist Pit Hensel and bassist Claus Kniemeyer. The band was completed with female singer Jennifer Hensel,keyboardist Werner Littau and drummer Frank Eule and the group grew into a quintet,In summer 1975 the band was supposed to record their debut,but their producer ran out of money. Octopus decided to self-finance ''The Boat of Thoughts'',share it around as a demo,before Sky Records, sign them and release it in 1977. A year later, put the group, now with Sepp Niemeyer (later Flatsch) on drums, the album "An Ocean Of Rocks". Shortly thereafter, it was accompanied by changes in the line to the first stylistic changes of direction, away from the symphonic prog of the first two albums, towards more rectilinear Rock. It published two albums of Octopus ("Rubber Angel", 1980 and "Hart am Rand", 1981), before the group disbanded in May 1983.

    1. Symphoprog play Octopus on "The Boat Of Thoughts", a very well balanced blend of earthy rock (with a charismatic lead singer) and taste gem progressive rock,circling in prog actually is rather rare. Or perhaps one should rather say that the progressive impact in the music of Octopus for a rock group with expressive singer was rare.

      Anyway, the focus of the music is in any case the powerful alto voice Jennifer Hensel (which was supposedly not related or married to the guitarist), anything goes in the direction of Inga Rumpf or Janis Joplin, slightly bluesy and roaring. This alto voice, rises from a dense structure of occasionally quite hard rocking guitar and keyboard (organ, synthesizer, and now and then a mellotron). Somewhere in the vicinity of Genesis, Camel and Curved Air moves the music unfolds in rather long pieces, glides somewhat varied, but gets a slight blues and hard rock impact by the powerful, the way completely accent-free English song.

      Overly complex the music is not knitted, but the whole thing looks pretty dowdy, a bit bumpy and not necessarily shines through exuberant virtuosity. The song also does not necessarily fit well with the rather voluptuous key sounds - Janis Joplin just imagine that jamming with Camel - but that's a matter of taste. Nevertheless, the album is quite interesting and made ​​instrumented varied. ''The First Flight of the Owl'' opens the album in a nice way with strong guitars,complex organ and psychedelic vocals by Jennifer Hensel,much in an early ELOY vein. Same style with ''Kill Your Murderer'',complicated guitars,dated psychedelic haunting organ,good breaks and Jennifer Hensel in full form.''If You Ask Me'' flaws in slow temo,this is Heavy Psychedelic Rock of good quality with obscure moog synth passages and heavy guitar orientation. The short ''The Deleyable Rise of Glib'' is more in a GENESIS vein with BANKS-influenced work on organ and moog synths,even some acoustic guitars are thrown in,but moments of electric explosion are again present. ''We Are Loosing Touch'' shows a return to the previous style,Psych-Kraut-Prog with weird electronic effects,strong guitars,dated organ and a magnificent performance by Jennifer again.

      The highlight is expected to be the long title track, which also extensively synthesizer and mellotron are used. ''The Boat of Thoughts'' almost 10-min. It will open with acoustic guitars and harsichord,before returning to the familiar Heavy-Kraut Rock style,the middle section with the nice guitar soloing and the last notes include even some mellotron. The keyboard work is quite symphonic-oriented with organ on the front,Pit Hensel shines in some long soloing and needless to refer again the decent performance of Jennifer Hensel is a nice listening. "The Boat Of Thoughts" is not earth shattering, but quite decent album from German lands, those which can establish themselves who want to take their prog once with powerful, female vocals to it.

      Thank you micose!!!

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