Jenghiz Khan - Well Cut (1971, great belgian hard/progressive rock) Flac

O inusitado durante os anos sessenta e setenta eram as pérolas que surgiam de países de onde menos se esperava que surgissem grandes bandas e fantásticos álbuns; obviamente eu estou falando da falta de tradição de alguns países em se tratando de rock! Brilhante álbum vindo da Bélgica, de onde também "emergiu" o fabuloso "Irish Coffee"! Desfrutem!

    The band was formed in 1970. Jenghiz Khan were short-lived but their "Well Cut" has long been in demand among collectors. This contained the archetypical heavy progressive rock of the times, sometimes similar to Uriah Heep and May Blitz.

    This remarkable band formed in the southern part of Belgium in 1970, out of the ashes of "The Tim Brean Group" and "Les Partisans"...

    Rapsat was the last one to be recruited to make up the numbers. He came from an outfit who just released an lp : "Laurelie". Also in his previous band "Tenderfoot Kids" ( 'played on 4 singles) he proved to be an excellent song writer. But, as the music for Jenghiz Khan was already written, Rapsat handled only bass-duties here. Not only the band members themselves were the composers but also their manager, the well known (T?l?moustic)rock-journalist Pierre "Piero" Kenroll, wrote all lyrics and one complete song. 

    So an album (Well Cut) was released quite quickly and sounded very heavy but full of dynamics. Some longer songs gave the band a real adventurous feel, and unveiled possible influences from "Iron Butterfly" and "Vanilla Fudge". Rapsat's bass-playing was upfront in the mix, so that even now "Well Cut" sounds quite fresh! 

    In their relatively short history the band had a good live-reputation and so they did play a lot of gigs and festivals. Most important once were when they're on the same billing as: "Wallace Collection" (puzzle P in june 1970), "Black Sabbath" (rock Bilzen august 1970), "Yes" (pop hot show Huy on Sept. 5th, 1970), "Stray" (Ghent festival on Nov. 28th,1970), "The Tremelous" (Grand Place Ciney on July 11th, 1971) and "Genesis" at the Jemelle festival on August 8th, 1971.

    Some new material was written in 1971 but however, the outfit would eventually drift apart due to the lack of improvement abroad. 

Rapsat started a very successful solo career (first with English, than later on with French lyrics) and made a lot of pop/"chanson" albums. Unfortunately he passed away on April 21, 2002 at age 53.

Brean joined "The Pebbles" and played organ with them from 1974 till 1976 while he also composed a lot of songs by order of record company "Barclay". Later he tried his luck as a solo artist under the name "Tim Turcksin" but only managed to release a few songs on compilation albums.
    Friswa joined "Wallace Collection", was later successful with pop band "Two Man Sound" but also issued two solo singles.
    Unfortunately he passed away in 1988. 
- (Belgian Metal History)


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  2. this is an AWESOME heavy rock/prog album, don't miss!! :D

  3. Nel,
    Hello my Friend!

    Though not well known outside of collector circles where this is a sought after rarity, Jenghiz Khan's "Well Cut" remains one of the treasures in my collection, psychedelic progressive masterpiece from Belgium. Originally LP released April 1971 as Barclay Records 920 313. Reissued on CD Won-Sin Music Company WS 885 685-2, 1994 and Second Life Records SLCD 004 in 2004.

    Formed in Brussels in 1970, the Jenghiz Khan line up consisted of keyboardist Tim Brean (former front man of The Tim Brean Group), guitarist Big Friswa, former Tenderfood Kids and Laurélie singer/bassist Pierre Raepsaet, and drummer Chris Tick. With support from Belgian music journalist/manager Pierre “Piero” Kenroll the group was signed by the French Barclay label. Released later in the year their debut LP teamed them with producer Eric Vion (who had previously played with Raepsaet in Tenderfood Kids). First let me warn you that big ticket dealer descriptions labeling this a 'psych masterpiece' aren't even close to the mark. In fact the band occasionally recalled a second rate Ten Years After ('Campus B'), or a more talented, but less pretentious Uriah Heep. The eight songs were actually collaborations with Kenroll (credited as “Piero”) providing the lyrics and Brean and Friswa respectively turning in the music. Tracks like the lead off number 'Pain', 'Hard Working Man' and 'Mad Lover' were actually conventional guitar and keyboard propelled hard rock, though there were occasionally nods to a more progressive sound ('Trip To Paradise'). Still anyone looking to hear something totally unique was liable to have come away disappointed, though there was something quite endearing in Pierre Raepsaet's heavily accented Paul Rodgers-inspired vocals and the band's clear enthusiasm for the genre. Kicked along by Brean's keyboards and Friswa's buzz saw guitar, material like the bluesy 'Campus A' and 'Trip To Paradise' was every bit as good as material being churned out by their UK and US competitors. By the way, credited to Jamic and manager Kenroll the cover wasn't something for the squeamish. Jenghiz Khan are a fairly typical early 70s hard rock / blues rock band with organ and guitar leads, and half-way decent English vocals. Very ordinary songwriting. Somewhat like the UK blues rock scene ala Ashkan and Elias Hulk, but far more inconsistent. Last track 'Trip To Paradise', clocking 10 minutes, is the clear winner of the bunch.

    Though the group apparently recorded some material for a planned release second album,however having received no commercial success the team disbanded in 1971.

    (Chris Tick apparently alive and working as a baker in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.)

    Thanks Nel,for reminder and sharing! :)

  4. I bought the original used vinyl (Barclay 920313, French press, single cover) in the 80's for 20 francs (less than 4$), now the prices for a original copy are ridiculously high. Just recently has been reissued on LP. A great classic, with also special mention for the cover art.

    Here the full story of the band in french language with pictures:

    Thanks Nel for the upgrade.

  5. Excellent! Thanks a lot!

  6. olá!
    fiz uma mixtape sobre a música brasileira dos anos 70, espero que goste:

  7. Rodando no DVD agora, banda fantástica, muito bom mesmo! Valeu a postagem......

  8. Excelente parabéns pelo blog ja vi que vou visita-lo muitas vezes


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