All Saved Freak Band – Harps On Willows: Best of vol. 1 (2006 compilation us Christian psychedelic, folk, country and hard rock – FLAC)

Eis mais uma banda de rock psicodélico que emergiu de uma comunidade hippie, durante os anos 60s; isso é muito bom! Desfrutem!

In the mid late 1960′s, Contemporary Christian Music was the “red-headed step-chile” of rock and roll; nobody wanted to own it. First held at arms lenght by the churches and established music industry, “Jesus rock” necessitated a truly “indie” mindset for those few individuals driven to propagate its rejected strains.
Emerging multitudes, clamoring for relevant truth from stagnant institutions, embraced the homogenized musical expression forcing increased attention from its early detractors. Unfortunately, the “outside-the-box” kind of thinking that gave birth to the music now seems lost in the less controversial “formula” music driving the genre’s gilded machine.
The excellent production values and flawless performances of good and genuine people are designed, in truth, to move product more than an entrenched mind. Enamored with the echoes, perhaps we’re losing track of the Voice.
If Larry Norman is the “father” of Contemporary Christian music, then the All Saved Freak Band” are its dysfunctional aunts and uncles, the kind people prefer to keep locked in their rooms.
Brothers of Misfortune, one member was kidnapped by famed cult deprogrammer – Ted Patrick, one was electrocuted with 27,000 volts of electricity, three lost their lives and all paid a severe price in their attempt to forward the long Unaccepted Message in a then unacceptable medium.
Thirty-five years later, most former asfb members live in varying measures of victory and joy but a few remain trapped in a scary world of fire and brimstone, always looking over their shoulders, skeptical of any faith that tolerates giggling.
‘Harps On Willows’ is meant to remember those pioneers and victims of Contemporary Christian Music who mortgaged their futures in their attempt to change the world, one person at a time. Would that our passionlessa age might burn again with such selfless fires.
“The Jesus Movement looked to already existing forms of communication. Alternative Chistian newspapers became popular. Dance, drama, mime and other media were used. And it perhaps the most lasting development, the Jesus movement turned to rock music. Modern Jesus music was invented and artists such as Agape and the All Saved Freak Band burst on the scene.”
“Truth be told, Jesus music was best served weird and the All Saved Freak Band had this down to a science. It was surprisingly good–part folk, part garage, part psychedelic, part blues and part who-knows-what.”
“Here’s a a welcome collating of the best performances from one of America’s greatest hippie Christian bands. While bands like Petra and Resurrection Band spent the ’70s perfecting a heavy rock’n'roll, ASFB plowed a blusier furrow with ace blues guitarist Glenn Schwartz exemplifying his renowned skills. 
This 18-track CD brings together tracks from their four albums and, while the bluesy thing is going on, the band’s music is not easily pigeon holed.
One joy is the fact that they wrote songs that were simple in their message. These are songs to get people to thing about teh Gospel, an art that seems to be missing in modern Christian music.
These recordings are very much of their time so they are a little ragged around the edges production wise but the band certainly fulfilled their ambition to create music that would stop people in their tracks and make them respond to the Gospel.”


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