Rich Mountain Tower - same (1971, US, lite harmony rocker w/ southern feel, Ovation vinylrip, single wav + cue + splitter, DR13, artwork)

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Hard to pin down, this Tennessee band mixes country-rock musings (in the style of the Dead or Mountain Bus) with progressive experiments that occasionally recall a better-tutored Majic Ship, or even Elton John. Side one flies out of the traps with scorching opener ‘Uncle Bob White’, with furiously strummed acoustic guitars, tambourine and the best harmonica playing this side of Stevie Wonder. ‘Thank You, Maggie’ ain’t bad either, with its considered melody and subtle electronics. ‘Our Passage Home’, which closes the side, is also noteworthy, mining a truly progressive seam with its McCartney-style bass lines, time-changes, acid guitar and strings. The album is less interesting on the generic country-rock numbers, and I’d like to have heard more of the electronica that graces ‘Song Of The Sea’, for instance, but this is certainly a grower. Perhaps the strangest thing about the record is the fact it features a male lead singer called Dana; one can only imagine the ribbing he got in the playground.  
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Rich Mountain Tower was a band from Tennessee. They put out three album, this one being their debut. Released in 1971, this is Southern Rock avant la lettre, really. The album has more similarities with Crosby, Stills & Nash than any Allman Brothers album. People that enjoy The Ozark Mountain Daredevils may very well enjoy this too. Some great harmonies and, if you can look past the hippie sensibilities of this album, some wonderful songs, that are sure to grow on you.

Dana said...
    This note comes from Dana Paul, one of the original members of RMT. While it has been over 30 years since Rich Mountain Tower played music throughout the Southeast, it's very gratifying that the band and its music are remembered on this site. Thank you for keeping our music out there. Regrettably, our lead guitar player,David Carr, and our drummer, Bob Tucillo, have passed away. Randy Haspel, Sandy Garrett, Doug Moisson and I are still around, though scattered across the Southeast. I've stayed in touch with Randy and Sandy but have lost touch with Red Buddy and hope that Lucille might let him know I send my best.

Side one:
Uncle Bob White (Paul) 5:11
Circle Sky Moon Mix (Haspel, McNamee) 4:19
Thank You Maggie (Paul) 3:48
If You Dont Look Back (Haspel) 3:16
Our Passage Home (Paul) 3:40
Side two:
He Ain't Got No Color, Boys (Carr, Paul, Tuccillo, Garrett) 4:09
Song of the Sea (Paul) 2:55
The Same Thing Applies to Me That Applies to You (Paul) 3:50
One Last Farewell (Paul) 2:42
Marie (Paul) 2:36

Rich Mountain Tower - He Ain't Got No Color, Boys (1971)

Rich Mountain Tower:
David Carr - Lead /Rhythm Guitar
Sandy Garrett - Bass/Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Doug "Red Buddy" Moisson - Lead Guitar, Pedal Steel, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Dana Paul - Lead Vocals 12 Str Guitar, Mandolin , Keyboards, Harmonica
Bob Tucillo - Drums, Percussion
Randy Haspel - Guitars, Vocals
Lamonte "skip" Ousley - Conga, Persussion
Charlie McCoy - Harmonica
Weldon Myrick - Peal Steel Guitar
Don Tweedy - Moog on "Maggie"
Sonny Pittman - Bass on "Maggie & the Sea"
John 'Hoffy" Hoffman - Banjo

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   258 mb/file


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