MUNJU: High-Speed Kindergarten (1977) (16bit/44.1khz Vinyl Rip) [FLAC]

Artist: Munju

Album: High-Speed Kindergarten
Genre: Jazz-Fusion, Krautrock
Year: 1977
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: April Records / II-0012

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Surgido em 1976 na cidade alemã de Würzburg, o Munju era liderado pelo saxofonista e flautista Jürgen Benz, que havia sido integrante de bandas como Missus Beastly e Erna Schmidt. O som da banda era caracterizado por uma grande ênfase nas linhas de baixo e nas partes de percussão, sendo preenchidas ocasionalmente com solos de guitarra e de saxofone ou flauta. Além disso, era uma banda que sempre surpreendia a cada álbum novo que lançava, explorando e experimentando diversas fórmulas musicais. O Munju também fazia parte da gravadora coletiva April Records - mais tarde renomeada para Schneeball para evitar problemas com a April Music da CBS - originalmente estabelecida pelos integrantes do Embryo, Missus Beastly e Sparifankal. Mesmo com poucos álbuns lançados, o melhor do Munju era visto no palco, uma vez que a banda chegou a fazer cerca de 2000 shows durante sua existência relativamente curta, mas nem isso foi suficiente para fazer com que o talento deles fosse reconhecido amplamente.

Formed around 1976 in the German city of Würzburg, Munju was led by saxophonist and flutist Jürgen Benz, former member of bands like Missus Beastly and Erna Schmidt. The band's sound was characterized by a big emphasis over the bass lines and in the percussion parts, often fulfilled with guitar or reeds solos. Besides, it was a band constantly surprising everyone on every new album they released, exploring and experimenting many musical formulas. Munju was also part of collective April Records label - later renamed to Schneeball to avoid problems with CBS's April Music - originally established by members of Embryo, Missus Beastly and Sparifankal. Even though they only released a few albums, Munju at their best were seen on stage, once that they managed to play over 2000 concerts throughout their relatively short existence, but that didn't prove to be enough to make their talent be widely recognized.

A1 Kirchesuppe (9:09)
A2 Fall Oslip (8:52)
B1 Patschamenga Underground (Parts I & II) (5:32)
B2 Talk To Me But I Listen To You (5:57)
B3 High-Speed Kindergarten (6:46)

Jürgen Benz - alto saxophone, flute
Dieter Kaudel - guitar
Wolfgang Salomon - bass
Thomas Römer - drums
Joseph Spector - congas



  1. One could say that Munju was one of the more known of the Kraut fusion bands of the late 1970s and an original April/Schneeball label member along with Embryo, Missus Beastly and Real Ax Band. The first two albums are typical of the scene, both containing excellent instrumentals with sax/flute, a creative rhythm section, nice guitar, etc... "Brot + Spiele" adds in some New Wave elements and is highly original. Final album "Le Perfectionniste" is done at a time the band is playing with the Swedish RIO group Von Zamla and both groups took influences from each.

    On their debut album, the Würzburg formation Munju presented with some fine instrumental jazz rock krautrock and Latin influences. This is more to jazz-rock of "loose" style, but without slipping some 'other fusion bands in the plate arbitrariness. To change solos on guitar and saxophone on a solid foundation of tight crisp percussion and bass. It saxophonist Jürgen Benz blows (formerly with Missus Beastly) occasionally something shrill in his instrument, which I quite like, on the title track, he also takes time for the flute. Guitarist Dieter Kaudel sometimes plays on the acoustic (including "cherry soup"), which then gives the music a slight Latin American touch. Most sounds like his game but rather "herbaceous". Freaking out right it is the title track, which develops after swinging a prelude to a true herb-jazz freakout and is at one point only of voices. Who is on the early Kraan, will certainly be found at "High Speed ​​Kindergarten 'favor.
    Thx micose :)

  2. Awesome!! Could you share other Munju albums in lossless too please?


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