CHICKEN BONES: Hardrock In Concert (1976) (1997 Reissue + Bonus Tracks) [FLAC]

Artist: Chicken Bones

Album: Hardrock In Concert

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock
Year: 1975
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Second Battle / SB 023 (1997 Reissue)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Banda alemã bastante obscura e imensamente influenciada pelo hard rock britânico e blues do fim dos anos 60 e início dos anos 70 com adição de elementos do progressivo, mas longe de parecer uma cópia barata de qualquer outra banda, uma vez que a criatividade é notada pela ênfase na parte instrumental com um quê de improviso e pela variedade de solos. O primeiro e único álbum do Chicken Bones pode até ser um exemplo dos primórdios do metal, mas infelizmente a banda não teve o reconhecimento que merecia a acabou permanecendo na obscuridade por um longo tempo. Após o fim do Chicken Bones, alguns integrantes formaram o Revanche, que viria se tornar uma banda de heavy metal e durar até meados da década de 80 - cujas primeiras faixas estão incluídas nesse CD da Second Battle.

Very obscure German band and hugely influenced by late 60s and early 70s British hard rock and blues with the addition of progressive elements, although far from sounding like a cheap copy of anyone else, once that their creativity is noted by an emphasis on the instrumental side with a jamming approach and a big range of solos. Chicken Bones debut and only album can be even described as an example of early metal, but they sadly didn't have the recognizement they deserved and reimaned largely unknown for a long time. After they disbanded, some members went on to form Revanche, which would become a heavy metal outfit and last until around the 80s - whose some of their early tracks are included on this Second Battle reissue.

01 Feeling (4:41)
02 I'm Falling (6:08)
03 Water (9:50)
04 Factory Girl (10:09)
05 Drive (4:21)
06 The Day Is Cold (4:51)
Bonus Tracks
Rehearsal Tape Track
07 Stoned Kids (6:56)
Tracks as Revanche
08 Intro (2:34)
09 Memories Of Dreams (3:56)
10 On The Road Again (3:29)
11 Brooklyn (2:51)
12 Return To The Past (4:25)

Rainer Geuecke - lead guitars, vocals
Hilmar Szameitat - rhythm guitar
Werner Hofmann - bass
Wolfgang Barak - drums

Originally released as Procom Records BTS 27606 in 1976



  1. Chicken Bones come from Bцnen, Germany - Rainer Geuecke on guitars and vocals, Himar Szameitat on rhythm guitar, Werner Hoffmann on bass and Wolfgang Barak on drums - did not quite have the deserved success, but dug his name in the book of sounds good with Hardrock In Concert, 1975. Although its called Hardrock in Concert its neither live nor hard-rock; its just wonderful sensitive guitar-based prog-rock! The LP contains all own compositions, which all very well done; some of them, like the long track 'Factory Girl' are outstanding! LP The original label (Procom BTS 027 606) is completely vanished in Germany; nothing can be found!

    The title of Chicken Bones' album Hardrock In Concert (1976) says it all! There are six "very hard rocking tracks" included therein, performed in the good old tradition of the early seventies heavy progressive scene. Most of the album is instrumental, and offers Rainer Geuecke plenty of opportunities to reveal his musical skills. The two longest tracks are the highlights: "Water" with the whisper of the sea and some beautiful acoustic guitar and "Factory Girl" which was in a more typical hard rock vein. This album has an excellent and well-balanced sound for a private release. The recordings were done in only one week live in the studio - or more probably a barn!

    Reissued by Blessed Second Battle in 1997 Hardrock In Concert show displays an excellent guitar songs that can turn the album one of his favorites of all time. Begins with the wonderful 'Feeling' and its stupendous guitar solo. Based only on the tripod guitar, bass and drums power and quality of the songs is infectious,is a good example and maintains the level of opening track in high quality. 'Water' is the most progressive song on the album and 'Factory Girl' - with its 10 minutes - shows the footprint fantastic this excellent group. This reissue toasts the listener with five tracks Rematch, previous group of Germans that sounds as interesting as the Chicken. Pay attention to the sensational 'Memory of Dreams' and 'Return of the Past'.

  2. I had never even heard of these guys last year at this time, now this album ranks as one of my favorites. Thanks for putting this up for for all to hear. Its a guitar workout like no other. I love it

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