AERA: Humanum Est (1974) + Hand Und Fuß (1976) (2004 Remaster - Compilation) [FLAC]

Artist: Aera

Album: Humanum Est + Hand Und Fuß
Genre: Jazz-Fusion, Jazz-Rock, Krautrock
Year: 1974 & 1976
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Erlkönig / ERL 4308 (2004 Remaster - Compilation)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Banda um pouco obscura, mas com uma discografia relativamente vasta e variada, o Aera surgiu no início dos anos 70 pelo saxofonista Klaus Kreuzeder - ex-integrante do Ex Ovo Pro - e seguia a tradição de jazz da região da Bavária, no sul da Alemanha, ao misturá-lo com rock progressivo, assim como Embryo e Missus Beastly, ambas da mesma área. Com criatividade e um som bastante característico, o Aera não tardou em lançar seu primeiro álbum, sendo assim o 'Humanum Est' chegou em 1974, com uma grande variedade de solos e arranjos feitos pelo guitarrista Much Groh - ex-integrante do Ihre Kinder - que liderou a banda até a época do segundo álbum, o Hand Und Fuß, lançado em 1976, e que incluía a adição do violinista Lucky Schmidt, enriquecendo ainda mais o som da banda. Esses dois primeiros álbuns foram remasterizados e lançados em um único CD pela Erlkönig, o mesmo selo que havia os lançado originalmente nos anos 70. Infelizmente o Aera teve pouco reconhecimento e a constante troca de integrantes foi algo que naturalmente instabilizou ainda mais a banda, porém seu legado deve ser apreciado por todos os amantes de jazz-fusion e também das bandas de Canterbury.

Somewhat obscure but with a fairly vaste and varied discography, Aera was formed in the early 70s by saxophonist Klaus Kreuzeder - former Ex Ovo Pro member - and followed the jazz tradition from Bavarian area, in the south of Germany, blending it with progressive rock, just like their regional counterparts Embryo and Missus Beastly. With creativity and a quite similar sound, Aera didn't wait so much to release their first album, 'Humanum Est', released in 1974, with a huge rane of solos and arrangements made by guitarrist Much Groh - former Ihre Kinder member - who led the band until their second album was released - Hand Und Fuß - in 1976, which also featured the addition of violinist Lucky Schmidt, enriching even more their music. These two first albums were remastered and reissued in a single CD by Erlkönig, the same label responsable for the original 70s records. Unfortunatly Aera had little recognizement and constant line-up changes did interfer the band's stability, however their legacy should be appreciated by all jazz-fusion and Canterbury music fans.

Humanum Est
01 Papa Doing (8:22)
02 Demmerawäng (7:07)
03 Hodibbel (5:37)
04 Sechs Achtel (10:45)
05 Jonas Schläft (4:20)
06 Alois' Flötending (2:26)
Hand Und Fuß
07 Mechelwind (9:24)
08 Alabaster Keaton (3:06)
09 Wrdlbrmfd (5:33)
10 Elephen Elephants (8:40)
11 Herbstzeitlos (2:27)
12 Ad Absurdum (5:06)
13 Kamele On (5:35)

Wolgang Teske - drums (tracks 01-06)
Klaus Kreuzeder - saxophones & flute
Dieter Bauer - bass
Muck Groh - guitar, vocals (track 07)
Peter Malinowsky - bass (tracks 06-13)
Christoph Krieger - violin (tracks 07-13)
Lucky Schmidt - drums, vocals (tracks 07-13)
Als Gast Onkel Latzi - Bariton-saxophone & oboe (track 07)

Originally released respectively as Erlkönig ERL 2001 in 1974 and ERL 2002 in 1976



  1. AERA has been a little-known band hailing from a small Bavarian village called “Mechelwind” (hence the title of one track on their second album). Similar to related band EMBRYO members were coming and going but originally the band consisted of guitarist Muck Groh (IHRE KINDER), bass player Dieter Bauer (2066 AND THEN), drummer Wolfgang Teske and confined to a wheelchair Klaus Kreuzeder on sax and flute. Several members of these band frequently exchanged between each others bands during their existence. Not surprisingly they all played a similar and typical musical style, a kind of German fusion/jazz rock with strong sax and flute. Such kind of music is thus dominant on all Aera LPs as they did not change too much throughout the years.

    @Micose,Thanks for CD-reissue Their first two albums 2-in-1 CD (being a very worthy purchase) which combines both highest value/money ratio.

  2. Their debut “Humanum Est” here in review was already quite an impressing demonstration of their musical prowess though still lacking a bit of variation which is nicely compensated by the addition of their second one on the CD-reissue. The six fully instrumental compositions, all written by guitarist Muck Groh can be basically described as guitar-dominated laid-back virtuoso jazz-rock with some blues and folk tossed in. Very noteable are Kreuzeder’s presentations on sax and flute, two instruments belonging to my favourites in that kind of music. Though being by all means a very noteworthy debut and a highly enjoyable album especially on second side of this record the music seams to become a bit meandering and repetitive.

    Listening to this LP, it's not hard to fathom Groh's involvement in folk music: he's fond of his twelve string, and his intricate leads and solos on that instrument bring Dan Ar Bras to mind. On the electric 6-string, he leans toward a Jeff Beck / Janne Schaffer sort of approach - he's not really a jazz guitarist, but an accomplished soloist in a creative blues-rock vein. The bulk of Aera's jazz influence at this point could be credited to the band's other main soloist, soprano saxophonist / flutist Klaus Kreuzeder - he's quite good. On the minus side, the rhythm section (drummer Wolfgang Teske and bassists Dieter Bauer and Peter Malinowsky) is somewhere between wooden and serviceable. Groh, Kreuzeder (now on alto sax, in addition to flute and soprano sax), and Malinowsky (who also does brief novelty vocals on 2 tracks) are aboard for Aera's 2nd LP, Hand und Fuss. New members include violinist Christoph Krieger and drummer Lucky Schmidt. Though Krieger is decent enough - he sounds pretty nice in unison with Kreuzeder, and he provides an additional solo voice - it is Schmidt's dynamic, jazzy kit work that really kicks Hand und Fuss up several notches above Humanum Est. Several of the compositions (all by Groh, or Groh and Malinowsky) have a vague Mahavishnu feel. As a guitar soloist, however, Groh still resembles Ted Nugent more than he does John McLaughlin. Kreuzeder's playing is even stronger than on Humanum Est - an amazing feat when you consider that he is confined to a wheelchair. The great variety and increased complexity of the compositions is the most appealing aspect of this recording - it's hard to imagine fans of instrumental progressive rock and jazz-rock not liking this LP. Without any doubts “Hand und Fuss” has been the more sophisticated and varied one of AERA’s first two albums. From the original line-up only Groh and Kreutzeder was left-over and their sound gained a lot from the addition of violinist Christoph Krieger. Musical leadership has been taken over more or less by Kreutzeder and composing has been shared between Groh and the new bass player Peter Malinowski . Their new drummer Lucky Schmidt managed to bring much more forceful rhythms with a jazzier orientation into their music. Musicianship by all band members is here absolutely outstanding and each of the seven compositions is a little gem on its own. Highlights are the highly diversified “Mechelwind”, the inventive “Elephen Elephants” with an amazing drum solo and the bolero-type “Kamele On”. But the remaining tracks are really not inferior at all to those ones. Maybe worth mentioning that Klaus Kreutzeder presents some jazzy scat singing on “Ad Absurdum”, actually the only “vocals” apart from some weird yowling in the finish of the last track. The music on Hand und Fuss is undeniably charming, imaginative, distinctive, and still bears repeated listening. For many, this will be their finest moment. AERA’s second album to any Kraut- and Jazz-rock fan.

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