Yatha Sidhra: A Meditation Mass (1974) (2004 Reissue) [FLAC]

Artist: Yatha Sidhra

Album: A Meditation Mass

Genre: Krautrock, Progressive Rock, Ambient Music
Year: 1974
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Motor Music / 06024 981 308-4 (2004 Reissue)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Provavelmente um dos mais refinados álbuns "cósmicos" já feitos na Alemanha, A Meditation Mass foi o primeiro e único trabalho do Yatha Sidhra. A banda, cujo nome original era Brontosaurus, foi formada pelos irmãos Rolf e Klaus Fichter, o flautista Peter Elbracht e o baixista francês Jean-Michel Boivert, com um som que lembrava uma versão mais pesada do Jethro Tull. Porém, em 1973, a banda mudou completamente sua direção musical e começou a trabalhar na suíte 'A Mediation Mass', que ao ser tocada ao vivo em um de seus shows, eles conseguiram despertar interesse de Achim Reichel (A.R. & Machines), que através de sua produtora Gorilla Musik ele concedeu um contrato à banda pela renomada Brain Records. Como o nome Brontosaurus não encaixava mais à nova proposta da banda, Yatha Sidhra, um nome com um apelo mais "místico" foi escolhido.

Apesar de ter sido sumariamente ignorado não só pela imprensa alemã, mas também por fãs de progressivo alemão, o Meditation Mass parecia ter uma atmosfera um tanto enigmática ambientada no oriente, mas por outro lado também bastante temperamental com uma grande variação de velocidade, sem falar no uso de efeitos psicodélicos de eco e reverberação. Uma combinação incomparável de krautrock, música ambiente e música oriental. Essencial a qualquer fã de krautrock.

Probably one of the finest "cosmic" albums ever produced in Germany, A Meditation Mass was Yatha Sidhra's debut and only work. The band, whose original name was Brontosaurus, was formed by Rolf and Klaus Fichter brothers, flutist Peter Elbracht and French bassist francês Jean-Michel Boivert, sounding like Jethro Tull with a heavier approach. Nonetheless, in 1973, they completely changed their musical direction and began working on the 'A Meditation Mass' suite, which in a certain occasion of being played live, they caught the attention of Achim Reichel (A.R. & Machines), who through his Gorilla Musik producing company he arranged a contract for them by the renowned Brain Records label. As the name Brontosaurus didn't fit anymore with the new musical approach, Yatha Sidhra, a name with a much more "mystical" appeal was chosen instead.

In despite of being mostly ignored not only by German press but also by German progressive fans, A Mediation Mass seemed to have a way too enigmatic East-ambiented atmosphere, but on the other hand also quite temperamental with a big variation of speed, not to mention the use of psychedelic echo and reverb effects. An uncomparable combination of krautrock, ambient and Eastern music. Essential to any krautrock fan.

01 Part 1 (17:45)
02 Part 2 (3:13)
03 Part 3 (12:00)
04 Part 4 (7:16)

Rolf Fichter - Moog synthesizer, Indian flute, vibes, electric piano, electric guitar, vocals
Klaus Fichter - drums, percussion
Matthias Nicolai - electric 12-string guitar, bass
Peter Elbracht - flute

Originally released as Brain 1045 in 1974





  1. Rogério M. Schirach23 de março de 2013 17:11

    Não conhecia, vou baixar para conferir o som....O Omega ja esta em download...

    1. Isso aí é chapante.
      Altamente recomendado pro pessoal do kraut.

  2. Another forgotten star West underground, kraut-rockers Yatha Sidhra with his first and last album.

    Yatha Sidhra, from Freiberg,Germany, near both the Swiss and French borders, was a short-lived group that only lasted long enough to record one piece of music. That one piece of music was the 40-minute "A Meditation Mass" which stretched over two sides of the LP of the same name Recorded at Windrose Dumont Time Hamburg Studios released in 1973 by the legendary Brain label and considered one of the classics of cosmic Krautrock. Yatha Sidhra's roots go back to the mid-'60s, when two brothers, multi-instrumentalist Rolf and drummer Klaus Fichter began playing in various groups together, starting with a soul group called Lea Gamble that consisted of them and two American ex-service men. By the early 1970s the Fichter's were teamed with French bassist Jean-Michel Boivert and flautist Peter Elbracht in a hard rock band called Brontosaurus, which because of the flute sounded a bit like Jethro Tull...

    So,the boys were in pain, trying in vain to find their own format. And so, by 1973, having determined that they will play a mixture of jazz and ethnic music, space rock, folk and, in fact, by the kraut-rock, and have changed the name to Yatha Sidhra. Like, this name better reflects the content. The primary objective of was to create a dreamy musical landscape where the Moog synth, the flute & traditional “percussive” instruments play an important part. Seen as a concept album, “A Meditation Mass”is almost exclusively instrumental. A long suite divided in two themes with two variations for each one. A beautiful and ecstatic musical journey. Their sound oscillates between “pastoral” folk music, spacey rock with the addition of discreet jazzy accents.

    Yatha Sidhra's only record, the aptly titled A Meditation Mass, is a strange mystical experience stretched over four parts that segue almost seamlessly into one another, though the Spalax CD has a slight break between tracks two and three, where the original record changed sides. (The earlier Laser Edge reissue ran the tracks without the break.) Though the record was released in the early '70s, it has that late-'60s acid-haze, hippie ambience without coming off clichéd or dated. It starts off with watery noises and a wind hum, until eventually a flanged acoustic guitar riff gently floats into the mix, very dreamy and hypnotic over the whir of electronics. The piece slowly ebbs and flows as other instruments are pulled into the strange cosmic drift of sounds: washes of cymbals, vaguely ethnic percussions, a flute, vibes, and other sounds, even some group chanting with electronically treated voices, while the guitar weaves steadily to keep it together as it slowly builds up. On the second and third part the band veers into far more free-form improvisation, from jazzy sections with an upbeat swing to electric guitar over a trance-like rhythm to a bizarre drum and flute duel to intense freakouts before once again becoming calm and relaxed. Part four winds the album up where it began, with the acoustic guitar riff and tribal percussion and spacy electronics and flute building up to more chanting — there is no beginning or end. One might compare Yatha Sidhra with other Krautrock bands like Ash Ra Tempel, Popul Vuh, or Limbus 3, but Yatha Sidhra's striking originality is like nothing else.

    But the group did not lasted long. Immediately after the recording of this wonderful album, the band dispersed. And they individually play new-age pop. Yes, the story with a sad ending. But let's think of a good will. Listen and think positive. Enjoy it! :)

  3. Olá, pode disponibilizar este álbum novamente?

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  5. Sorry I have an account of minhateca, but I cannot download.
    Could you help me?
    Thanks a lot

  6. I have never come across this album before, so huge thanks for sharing it - what an incredible discovery - I just know that anything that gets the Achim Reichel stamp of approval is going to be well worth hearing.

    Really surprised this is not more well-known, or perhaps I just hang-out in the wrong circles! Thanks again!


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