Message: From Books And Dreams (1973) (2003 Remaster) [APE]

Artist: Message

Album: From Books And Dreams
Genre: Heavy Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock, Hard Rock
Year: 1973
Country: Germany
Label/Catalog: Citystudio Media Production / CMP 607-2 (2003 Remaster)

Format: APE (image+cue+log)

O Message foi criado em setembro de 1968 pelo baixista Horst Stachelhaus, mas apesar de ter nascido na Alemanha, a banda também tinha como integrantes o guitarrista Allan Murdoch e o multi-instrumentista Tom McGuigan, respectivamente naturais da Ilha de Wight e da Escócia. Murdoch e McGuigan já eram velhos amigos e tinham tocado juntos no The Waysiders, uma banda escocesa de rock'n roll que durou de 1962 a 1965. Murdoch, por sua vez, após o fim da banda, passou a morar na Inglaterra e entrou no MI5, que mais se mudaria para a Alemanha e viraria o Nektar. As duas bandas, além de amigas, também pertenciam ao mesmo selo: a Bacillus Records, a subsidiária dedicada à música progressiva da Bellaphon. Com um som diferente do que era feito pelo Nektar, o Message misturava o que havia de melhor no hard rock e progressivo britânico com a criatividade e a inovação do krautrock que resultava em uma atmosfera sombria e única.

'From Books And Dreams' foi o segundo álbum da banda e é um dos seus trabalhos mais consistentes e também talvez o mais pesado, provavelmente lembrando bandas que são consideradas pioneiras no heavy metal, muito pelo toque sombrio que é dado em várias partes. Surpreendentemente este álbum foi lançado aqui no Brasil - provavelmente o único lugar fora da Alemanha - pela Sábado Som em 1974, entre alguns outros álbuns da Bacillus e da Brain, e desnecessário dizer que é altamente disputado entre colecionadores.

Uma grande obra de mais outra banda que não recebeu o reconhecimento merecido e que deve ter escutado de cabo a rabo.

Message was formed in September 1968 by bassist Horst Stachelhaus, but in despite of being created in Germany, the band also featured as members the guitarrist Allan Murdoch and multi-instrumentist Tom McGuigan, respectively born in Isle of Wight and Scotland. Murdoch and McGuigan were already old friends and had played together on The Waysiders, a Scotish rock'n roll band which lasted from 1962 to 1965. Murdoch, by the way, after the band split, moved to England and joined MI5, which some time later moved to Germany and became Nektar. Both bands, besides sharing a friendship, also belonged to the very same label: Bacillus Records, Bellaphon's subsidiary dedicated to progressive music. Even if their sound was completely distinct to Nektar's one, Message mixed the best out of British hard and progressive rock with the creativity and innovation of krautrock resulting in an unique and shady atmosphere.

'From Books And Dreams' was their second album and is one of their most consistent works and also being probably their heaviest one, reminding pioneering bands in the heavy metal genre, much for the shady touch given in many parts. Surprisingly this album was released here in Brazil - probably the only place out of Germany - by Sábado Som in 1974, amongst a few other Bacillus and Brain releases, and needless to say it is highly sought after collectors.

Another great masterpiece produced by a band who didn't have a deserved recognizement and that must be carefully listened.

01 Sleer (2:51)
02 Dreams And Nightmares (Dreams) (12:45)
03 Turn Over (4:02)
04 Sigh (8:07)
05 Dreams And Nightmares (Nighmares) (13:13)

Gunther Klinger - drums
Tom McGuigan - vocals, woodwinds, synthesizers, Mellotron
Allan Murdoch - guitar
Horst Stachelhaus - bass

Originally released as Bacillus Records BLPS 19159 in 1973



  1. Great cover. I tend to associate it with another Krautrock album, 'Delusion' from McChurch Soundroom. Similar cover, lyrical content, sound and style. A half-British, half-German affair (the same line-up that would record the eponymous masterpiece Message) 'From Books and Dreams' is a dark, hard-rocking psychedelic album. The production makes for a very spacy, dirty and blurry atmosphere that serves the album well. I recommend listening to this album in the evening, light up a few candles, unplug the phone, sit back, lie down or whatever, and listen...

    The band entered the studio with the great German producer, Deiter Dirks in 1973 and released 'Of Books And Dreams' in 1973. Ominous and repressive, a conscious effort to uncover the unconscious thought that effects personality through morbid fears and compulsions that accompany dreams. A play on the psyche, lyricallyand musically.

  2. The album opens up with "Sleep" and introduces the listener with spoken words over a tumultous and tempestuous psych/space ambience. A terrifying trip, though trivial.

    Sliding into deeper unconsciousness, "Dreams And Nightmares (Dreams)" culminates the bass with a psychically induced guitar sequence from Alan Murdoch and expands and finally explodes into a ravishing riff. One of the better openings I have heard from a hard rock/heavy prog song from the first half of the '70's. Then the vocals of Tom McGuigan scream in, somewhat dischordal but deeply discerning. Fortunately it's Murdoch's guitar that dominates most of this track with McGuigan's vocal chorus sustaining and limited in only parts of the song. At the ten minute mark, Murdoch slaps down a Iommi-esque solo that could of been teleported from Sabbath's self-titled debut. After the manic solo the bass slowly pulses and winds down this terrific and trembling track. The apex of the abum. "Turn Over", hears for the first time McGuigan's sax, soloing over an eerie ambient guitar and then a rhythmic riff kicks in as the sax snakes in and out a shivering free-form jazz/psych synapses. Overload.

    "Sigh" is the most melodic track on the album and McGuigan's vocals are annoying and overbearing, almost abrasive, certainly abrading but once again, fortunately at around the three and half minute mark Murdoch takes over with his guitar, showcasing shifting styles and sets the rhythm for the insane sax soloing and guitar interplay for the next three minutes and the last two minutes ends as it begun with the addition of a sinister scream sequence...ahhh
    "Dreams And Nightmares (Nightmares)" is 13 minutes of Krautrock psychosis. "Introducing The Myth" opens up with McGuigan's Mellotron as a sombre backdrop to his restrained vocals which are actually not so abrading as to his abandoning screaming. Again it's the chilly interplay of Murdoch's guitar and McGuigan's sax that takes over this nightmare, "The Unpleasent Spell" and eventually the sandman (McGuigan) speaks in a suffering, aggravating, daunting and twisted tone as the closing of "Nightmare" trembles and traumatically tails off as one wakes from this evil spirit's periling and paralyzing grip.

    Really this is Alan Murdoch's trip though Tom McGuigan's multi-instrumental talents are substantial, it is his vocals that might be disturbing to some. The production of Deiter Dirks is somewhat similar to that of Nektar's first three albums in which he also produced as he did with many of the "heavier" Krautrockers in the early '70's.

    If you're searching for a scary, spine tingling sound experience, this is it. This album is mostly tagged as Krautrock but it so many different styles from proto-metal to electronic experimentation to psychedelic improvised frre-form jazz fusion, so don't be decieved by the label as the Germans can be prolific at being heavy and dark... strong material holds the album together from start to finish.

    Line-up With:
    Rab / percussion,Werner / percussion

  3. This an excellent heavy prog piece, don't miss it! :) Hi Micose!

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  5. great band! thank you very much.

  6. Obrigado pessoal.Uma pena que a capa mostra uma bonus track e no rip não veio (creio ser de outra versão). Valeu mesmo!!!

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