Mama Lion - Preserve Wildlife (1972, us Brilliant hard/blues-rock featuring Lynn Carey - Flac)

Bem, eu acho que está na hora de colocar uma "mina" na parada! (he, he,...)
Além de maravilhosa visualmente falando, ela cantava divinamente; desfrutem!

Mama Lion was a blues/rock quintet formed in the early seventies. 

Produced by Neil Merryweather, Mama Lion was a group destined to show off the Joplinesque voice of Lynn Carey, a sculptural blonde beauty previously in Ivar Avenue Reunion. 

As often with the Merryweather outputs, the music is a rather loose mix of blues and rock.

Most of the songs were written as a collaboration between Merryweather and Carey, with a few covers thrown in for good. 

Not all the songs are “radio friendly” if you know what I mean. But sexual inuendo apart, there’s still something in the music and singing. 

Gaxiola is a great guitar player and you can tell that Jim Howard was classically trained by listening to the piano-intro on “Mr. Invitation”.

Lynn Carey has often been compared with Janis Joplin, but her vocal style could just as easily be compared to Kathi McDonald. 

She sings with a lower pitch and a voice that sometimes resembles those of old-time blues singers. Lynn Carey was one of the most powerful woman singers in rock history as well.

But Lynn Carey’s career doesn’t start with singing in front of a band in the 70’s. Her career goes way back to her early teens, acting for various TV shows and movies before joining up and recording with various bands.

Their records are now mostly remembered for their sleeves, especially the first with Lynn Carey breastfeeding a lion cub.


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  2. "Mama Lion" was a blues/rock quintet formed in the early seventies by Canadian bass player, singer/songwriter & producer Neil Merryweathe and Lynn (Catherine) Carey. Other band members included Coffi Hall (drums), Rick Gaxiola (guitar) and Jim Howard (soundtrack composer James Newton Howard). This line-up recorded this debut album "Preserve Wildlife" (1972) with the now famous gatefold with Lynn Carey nursing a lion cub.

    Surprisingly, the band plays honest hard rock'n'roll and Lynn Carey's vocals are far from being sweet, as one would expect from her picture. She sings (I think "yells" describes it better) in Janis Joplin's way, but with a lower pitch and a voice that sometimes resembles those of old-time blues singers. Lynn has an IQ of over 160, so it is possible to be blonde, brainy & beautiful - and sing the blues!

    Emits coolness equal to or greater than that of the Janis Joplin, to shout vocals overwhelming Cary, weight Hammond organ trenchant, guitar and pressed the pot with bluesy at an acute angle base and skillful with a sense of Drive have developed a sense of involving drum, a bluesy funk and hard without complaint. Also uses the acoustic guitar and piano, in the second number, but also shows off a rockin 'blues masterpiece strong impact in bursts and highlight two pieces will enjoy the undisputed hard rock enthusiasts.
    Lynn Carey’s career:

    Nel,Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. Espetacular banda...literalmente selvagem....Valeu!!!!

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