Joshua Fox - same (1969, US, w-c harmony rockin`folkie psych, Tetragrammaton vinyl rip, single flac + cue + splitter, DR12, artwork)

Described by Bongo’s as “Sgt.Pepper Styled Pop”, this west coast group featured Mike Botts (on drums) who would eventually join Bread. The group also included Larry Hanson (guitar), Josef Lamanno (guitar-bass) and Tom Menefee (guitar).

The comparisons to Sgt Pepper are on the mark, though this reminds me of any number of late sixties British psychedelia groups, and maybe a little bit of what Michael Lloyd was doing on the west coast at the time. (Jack Dominilla) ~redtelephone66

side one:
A1. Young Man
A2. It's Just Meant To Be
A3. Goin' Down For Big Numbers
A4. Come What May
A5. We're All In It Together
A6. How I Managed To Stay Off The Truck And Find Comfort In My Insanity
A7. Monkey Song
side two:
B1. Don't Tell Me A Story
B2. Billy Goat Capricorn Lover
B3. Anne
B4. Are You Sleeping
B5. Moontime Bore (She Said)

Joshua Fox - It's Just Meant To Be (1969)

Joshua Fox:
Mike Botts - drums
Josef Lamanno - bass
Tom Menefee - guitar
Larry Hansen - guitar

[Rip and Scans by Frantanovak)
vinyl VG shape (Goldmine`s grading)

Link:   268 mb/file


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