(Compilation) Looking Towards The Sky: Progressive, Psychedelic, and Folk Rock From The Ember Vaults [FLAC]

Fala galera ... quem e' vivo sempre aparece ... fui ate o inferno e voltei.
Esse cd e' da minha colecao pessoal. Vi o ultimo post to Nelwizard e lembrei desse CD aqui. Uma uma colecao maravilhosa de raridades sortidas!
Praquem gosta the Folk-rock e psicodelia e' um prato cheio.
Vale a pena!
 (Descupe a falta de capinhas com resolucao decente, mas eu nao tenho scaner e nao existe na net)

The eccentric and eclectic view of progressive, psychedelic, and folk rock of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s is a real treat. But thanks to the reissue label, Fantastic Voyage, who are helping to revisit the indie label Ember Records, this is worth checking out to know about the obscure and the underground scene of the psychedelic movement that reached to a cult status. It’s like Treasure Island, but it’s hidden through the generosity of the bands you’ve never heard throughout this compilation, and it pulls together like a tightrope. Looking Towards The Sky: Progressive, Psychedelic, and Folk Rock from the Ember Vaults may be considered one of the volumes on undiscovered gems of the independent rock scene that are filled unheard bands and artists to come close to the essence of unheard music that will give you goosebumps and take you surprise in the new dimension.

Bands                                  Songs

1 9.30 Fly Life And Times
2 Dorians, The Help For My Waiting
3 Blonde On Blonde (2) Heart Without A Home
4 Blue Beard (2) Losing You
5 Rusty Harness Goodbye
6 Paddy Maguire Doin' The Best I Can
7 Knocker Jungle I Don't Know Why
8 Knocker Jungle Reality
9 Blonde On Blonde (2) Sad Song For An Easy Lady
10 9.30 Fly Mr 509
11 Dorians, The Good Love
12 Davey Payne & The Medium Wave Looking Towards The Sky
13 Milt Matthews Inc. Disaster Area
14 Blonde On Blonde (2) Circles
15 Back Street Band This Ain't The Road


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      You're a true legend.

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  3. Realmente quem está vivo sempre aparece, noutro dia mesmo eu estava a pensar o que teria acontecido ao Tatonha que desapareceu sem dar notícias. Eu fico contente em revê-lo novamente na ativa! Um grande abraço!

  4. Hi Tatonha!
    WOW! How good to see you again, after a very long your playing truant...a big hugs

    One of Britain's most successful independent record labels during the 1960s and '70s, Ember Records tended to focus on pop-oriented material and R&B sides licensed from American labels, but in an effort to keep up with the times, they dipped their toes ever so lightly into hipper stuff during the era of long hair and fashionable protest, and Looking Towards the Sky: Progressive, Psychedelic and Folk Rock from the Ember Vaults features 15 tracks in which the label stepped out of their comfort zone. Of course, the fact that Ember didn't have a strong background in any of the above-mentioned genres might have something to do with why this music generally sounds rather toothless; most of the material here sounds crisp and professional, but also suggests the work of session musicians trying to sound hip for the sake of a client, rather than the real thing, even when the acts are legitimate.

    Reissue imprint Fantastic Voyage have made it their mission to excavate the legacy of long extinct UK label, Ember Records. Following much deep mining they’ve struck upon a rich vein of psychedelic/progressive sounds and Looking Towards the Sky pulls together the first part of this sonic yield.

    We’re in obscurity heaven here, with the rarities coming thick and fast. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve only heard a few of the bands included on this compilation, Blonde on Blonde,9.30 Fly,Back Street Band but it’s safe to say there are one or two more I’d like to hear more of.

    Looking Towards the Sky offers an eclectic mix of styles, from the US garage-psych of Blue Beard (‘Losing You’) to the white soul-infused, Steve Winwood-backed prog-lite of Paddy Maguire (‘Doin’ The Best I Can’), via way of the fey but melodic folk goodness of Knocker Jungle (‘I Don’t Know Why’ and ‘Reality’) and the abrasive, Deviants-esque psychedelic no-nonsense of Rusty Harness (‘Goodbye’).

    9.30 Fly were a short-lived progressive outfit whose two numbers here boast good songwriting but stiff performances offer some traditional prog rock sounds, although these are pretty lightweight in comparison to the better known artists, while The Dorians push a fuzzy brand of psych in the form of ‘Help For My Waiting’, followed up by an altogether more peculiar blend in the Beach Boys-ish, harmonies-led ‘Good Love’.

    Blonde on Blonde, the Welsh underground contingent and Middle Earth veterans, offer three strong tracks in ‘Heart Without a Home’, ‘Sad Song for an Easy Lady’ and ‘Circles’ (not another cover of The Who track), whereas the psych-pop of Davey Payne & The Medium Wave, does not feature the future Ian Dury sax man, though one listen to "Looking Towards the Sky" would suggest this is a different (and less interesting) musician whose track gives this compilation its name.. And Back Street Band's "This Ain't The Road" sounds as if these guys had spent some time listening to the Band, though they wouldn't make as much of their enthusiasm as did Brinsley Schwarz. For listeners who are obsessive completists of late-'60s/early-'70s U.K. sounds...Looking Towards the Sky is ultimately a mixed bag. There’s some good stuff, and some not so good. I’d like to hear more of Knocker Jungle, Paddy Maguire and Blue Beard at the expense of some of the other, lesser, entries. Nevertheless, that’s for another day.

    Overall, it’s a nice little addition to the psych/prog compilation pile, and its obscurity count alone should give it extra curiosity value.

  5. Thank you all ... I'm glad to be back myself!

  6. Any chance of an upload to a different filesharing site? I used to have a 4shared account but I can't get it to work and given what's happening in my country I don't want to give information to yet another service. Thanks. Maybe Adam can help me?


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