Oscar - same (1974, UK - 70`s rock w/ prog-glam vein, Buk Records vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR, artwork)

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The self-titled debut album «Oscar» of Manchester. Not to be confused with the British artist Oscar (real name Oscar Beuselinck) recorded in the second half of the 60s with a half-dozen singles, and English group «Oscar Bicycle».

During his not very long biography of the band recorded three LPs: «Oscar» (1974), «Twilight Asylum» (1976) and «Cobblestone Heroes» (1977). The first two albums were released gramophone label «Buk», and the third, is rapidly gaining momentum by «DJM» (Dick James Music). All three have been recorded under the strict guidance of producer Jeff Gill (Geoff Gill), in the past, the popular British drummer formation «The Smoke» (author of the acclaimed smash hit in 1967 «My Friend Jack»). Jill would later collaborate with German disco alliance «Boney M» as a composer and act as a co-author of Cliff Wade (Cliff Wade) in the process of writing a song «Heartbreaker», who later became a major hit Pat Benatar.

Recorded their creations musicians from "Oscar" in the studio recording equipment stuffed «Strawberry» - the official headquarters of the "10ss". Being, as well as "10ss", originally from Manchester and recording in the studio, co-owners, which they are, it is not surprising that the «Oscar» picked up some of the specific features of their sonic palette. But, strangely enough, on the whole debut full-length work «Oscar» impresses enough of an independent vinyl opus, little resemblance to their creations, widely publicized already at this point, "10-cubic-centimeter" fellow countrymen is a mixture of progressive / folk rock and is pleasant enough without ever hitting the heights. All songs were written by Brian McGladdery with assistance on one from Geoff Gill.

In addition to albums «Oscar» released three singles, made several pub tours in the UK, spoke at the "opening act" with Leo Sayer and the group «Caravan», has been to Turkey and Iran, which gave them a certain importance in the eyes of the cynical show business, but they did not have the strength, ability and talent to climb from the foot of the British musical Olympus to its top, and soon they were lost somewhere along the way during this difficult and thorny climbing. While their albums are rarely mentioned in the music press these days, they certainly cause considerable interest among the restless and inquisitive sound archaeologists as a very curious artifact vinyl British rock scene of the seventies of the twentieth century. 
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Brian McGladdery - lead vocals
Kevin Parrott - lead guitar, backing vocals
Tony Bamforth - piano, mellotron, Moog, backing vocals
Gary McDougall - bass, backing vocals
Roger Tweedale - drums, backing vocals

side one:
A1. Well Known Lady        
A2. Good Loving Woman        
A3. Encore After Encore        
A4. Hugo
side two:       
B1. Feel Alright        
B2. Looking Thru The Eye        
B3. Never Coming Back        
B4. Shady Lady        
B5. Lord Of The Night

Oscar - Hugo (Can You Hear Us) 1974

 [Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   209 mb/file



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