Murietta - same (1971, US, west coast sound w/ great Judi vox, Cherry Red vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR13, artwork)

Hi from Cy

You wanted some sort of review on Murietta…well K and I had A staying over this weekend and so we gave it a spin and here is how we found it:

Mamaronect Station: Cy found, “This is it! We are in a moment….this is stirring up memories…ah! there’s a distant yearning organ followed by sudden insistent power drumming…wow…here comes a more than decent guitar break….the mood changes and are led into some country-soul…is this to be a complex listen?….ah such a sweet melody.”
K. found “Nice harmonies & melody, with changes into rockier intense guitar playing….this contrast works well. Very nice, would like to hear this again.”

The Dump: Cy felt, “Boom pa boom pa….this girl can sing….this band cooks……simple, heart felt lyrics….the piano man bangs out with authority….hey ho here we go….this band know what they want to do and are doing it.”
K. felt, “Good beat for dancing….liked it.”

Hanley’s Loop – instrumental: Cy found, “Change of pace and structure here….ethereal…celestial…stirring within me echoes of being alone, walking on an endless sandy beach with water lapping in….hey ho let’s go into town…this band complement each other….this is mood music…hey the drummer not only fills the beat, he sets it up…in comes a simply lovely short lead guitar break….this instrumental is full of atmosphere….Hanley’s Loop is composed of yearning waves and waves of wonderful music….A CLASSIC!!”
K found, “Piano and Cymbals…beautiful…I closed my eyes and was floated off to somewhere lovely….rocky guitar back within gentle piano….this music is therapeutic.”

Beside Me: Cy found, “This girl can sing…she is the real thing…Who are Murietta?… this group is A1OKAY….these tracks sound like ‘standards’ – who are Murietta?…this needs to be heard! Help and this organist is really killing me with his incisive playing. This is a tour de force….and maybe the best? A BLOCK BUSTER!!
K found, “Strong clear female vocal…..Builds up into a touching soulful piece. Bit too long perhaps?”

Feelin’ All Right Jam: Cy feels, “Okay, I’ve established that this is A MAJOR GROUP….Murietta are focussed and in control of their Art….this is co-operation in action….a lesson for us all.”
K says, “I’m feeling disappointed….IT was so short.”

Willie Brown: Cy found, “Ho ho ho!!!…lovely what a lift in character and mood….the track cooks along long and yippie do had daisy lines….fantastic….so sweet and trippy! This is Speakeasy emerging from inside a Time Machine into NOW!! This is rip it up, in your face fabiloso! I love this…this piano player takes the plaudits…hey ho, I love Muirietta…I dig these horns.”
K says, “Great music to boogie to….I defy anyone not to get up and dance to this.”

Someday: Cy says, “Help! now we are into a heart searching aching ballad….this is seminal….this song sounds like a STANDARD….and here I am….never having heard it before….this is awesome…powerful…Biblical! This is the story of so many lives!! This music communicates on so many levels….ANOTHER STONE WALL CLASSIC.”
K says, “Another powerful track. Guitar solo is brilliant and again, great vocals.”

You Really Don’t Know: Cy feels….”Oops – I’m feeling let down….this is coming over as a bit of a filler….no real problems but the lyric is trivial…the playing is up there, superb even….BUT I’m nit picking when down sizing the importance of this LP….Another track where the band really cooks.”
K feels, “This is as good as and is similar to, Someday!”

Lord I’m Tryin’: Cy says, “Hey ho…we are into Gospel Land through instrumentation sounds from South of the Border…this is a ‘personal song’, which the singer is sucking me into. I love diary songs like this. This track best displays the superb acoustic side to this band.”
K. says, “Folksy sound. Female vocal. Acoustic guitar.”

The Second Song: Cy says, “So the album ends with all stops being pulled and the sincerity of all the players is now evident, they have captured their spirit, not only in this track but within the totality of these grooves….a classic ending to a classic album”.
K. “This sounds similar to Lord I’m Tryin’ without really adding to it?”

A, summarises her views on the individual tracks and the album as a whole, she felt that, “The vocals were excellent and that the band gelled well together. Very good harmonies, great voice, what a guitar….great rhythm….lyrics I can relate to. All round good sound – piano and organ stand-out. I especially enjoyed the crescendo on ‘Beside Me.’ I would love to boogie to Willie Brown. Disappointed with the last track but would want to listen to this and album again and to share it with my same generation friends.”

Leonard thanks for sharing this superb album and I urge anyone who has lived beyond a certain number of years will appreciate this, no doubts about it!! Another very important redtelephone66 posting and a must listen.

Best regards, CyatPck
(~redtelephone66 - comment)

side one:
A1. Mamaroneck Station
A2. The Dump
A3. Hanley’s Loop
A4. Beside Me
A5. Feelin’ All Right Jam
side two:
B1. Willie Brown
B2. Someday
B3. You Really Don’t Know
B4. Lord I’m Tryin’
B5. The Second Song

Judi Brown - vocals
Steve Krieger - guitar, vocals
Gary Saunders - drums
Stan Govers - piano
Kerry Morris - bass
Mamaroneck Station by Murietta

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]
Link:   222 mb/file!01JSEa4L!YEB8VlfXA6f9XvfdU4VeFiLJ40CxshMmMjsGT2FMAvs


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