Messendger - same (1982, US, Georgia power hardrocktrio, JAB Rec. vinyl rip, single wav + cue, DR13, artwork)

 *** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***

Opportunity to discover a heavy metal band from southern United States hailing from Atlanta, Georgia as a music away from anything that can be called "Southern Rock." Indeed Messendger is a "Power Trio" of South Georgia and yet really has nothing to do with Molly Hatchet, 38 Special and other Lynyrd Skynyrd and gives really into the hard rock of pure European style. From the first piece of this beautiful album, to discover a guitar absolutely devastating, both in sound itself (a so, no hyper saturated hope) that the highly sophisticated technical Brad Sayre, this new American guitar-hero who is probably the best mix between Ted Nugent and Jimi Hendrix,talent of guitarist Brad Sayre that has been tagged to this band before, during and after their demise. Soundwise, Messendger fuse early Triumph and Wizard with G-Force era Gary Moore. Brad Sayre's guitar is very raw in the mix. 'Messendger' the album was a small privately pressed LP financed by the band themselves, and even earned high praise from the bible of all bibles within the melodic rock world.. The International Encyclopedia Of Hard Rock And Heavy Metal written by Tony Jasper and Derek Oliver. From the outset this album appeals by the music radically different from what is currently being done in the United States, a hard rock combining efficiency, speed and melody perfected. In addition, the trio formula is the one I prefer because it is the work that must ensure the most intense and more consistent.

Listening to "Living" we find the slow parts on hot chained chorus with passages very hard riffs incisive. If there was a gripe, it would be at the level of production that do not emphasize enough the song may be too "satin" Allen Poole bassist. Interestingly, the band perform two well known covers: 'Hang On Sloopy' and 'Be Bop A Lula', the latter in particular played in a southern bar-room boogie style. However, the other tracks are an array of hard rock and progressive styles - all meeting up at the Florida/Georgia interstate. Starting out with 'Strangers', yes it would be hard to ignore those G-Force comparisons. 'Tomorrows Dreams' initially drifts along in a prog haze, but by songs end, Sayre has completely taken over the show with a blistering guitar workout that Frank Marino would be proud of. 'Don't Look Back' is a mid-paced affair where Sayre's rhythm work is reminiscent of Tony Iommi's work with Black Sabbath. More like Wizard like prog rock on 'Lonely Nights' finishes up the album.

According to French blogsite Hardblog, an exclusive 7 inch single was sold with initial copies of the album. It is unsure just what tracks on are on that single. Amazingly for a private pressing, the LP generated interest in Europe, to the point of being re-pressed and re-distributed on Bernett Records, a French label who were also responsible for the one-off Stress LP 'Killing Me Night And Day'. A couple of 7 inch singles were released subsequently, both in France and the USA. Despite the level of interest, the bar circuit must have got the better of the trio because they disbanded the following year. Since then, Sayre has been the most active. During his career he has played guitar for the Danny Joe Brown Band and Dr Hook, and more recently has hooked up with bassist Davis Simmons as part of the performing duo AcoustiCon. Along the way he has also picked up numerous awards for his prestigious guitar talent. At least on Messendger, you can hear him purely in a rock/metal environment. Success Guaranteed! To listen priority: "Living", "Do not Look Back". 
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Sole privately pressed album from Atlanta power trio Messendger.
Veterans of the Southern bar band scene, they recorded their only album in 1982 and released it on their own Jab records label (JAB III).
Some initial copies also came with an exclusive 7" included, the tracks on this are unknown, such is the items scarcity.
This is one of the hardest indie Southern Hard Rock LPs to find anywhere.
After it began to generate rave reviews in the European Metal press, French label Bernett Records released the album in Europe in 1983 (SBR18001).
There is also a French 45 of "Strangers", with "No One Will Stand In The Way", on the flip. Whilst the USA got a 7" release of "Be Bop A Lula" coupled with "Strangers".
They played pretty hard stuff for the time, sounding at times like early Triumph while the guitarwork is comparable to Gary Moore's on the G-Force album but much harder.
Increasingly expensive and hard to find nowadays, but if you see a reasonably priced copy don't hesitate to buy it.
If you love heavy hard rock with melody, you'll be in heaven with this fantastic little record from this amazing trio.
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side one:
A1. Strangers
A2. Hang On Sloopy
A3. Be-Bob-A-Lula
A4. Living
Pt.1 - This Crazy Life
Pt.2 - No One Will Stand In The Way
Pt.3 - Ecstasy
         side two:        
B1. Tomorrows Dreams
B2. Don't Look Back
B3. Lonely Nights

Messendger - Strangers

Brad Sayre - Guitar, Vocals
Allen Poole - Bass, Vocals
John Buchan - Drums, Vocals

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:  454  mb/file


  1. Thanks a lot, gigic2255. What's happened with Levee Camp Moan??

  2. Many thanks for chance to hear this album,because I neve heard of this band before...


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