Live - same (1974, Ger, hammond organ dominated heavyprog, private vinyl rip, single wav + cue, DR9, artwork)

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"Live" was a German progressive rock band from 70s. They played classical music inspired symphonic prog as well as more blues-oriented, heavy-prog bordering songs. Their album, recorded in a Wedesbüttel studio, wasn't released on LP before 1995. Live from Gevelsberg (Sauerland) played art-rock with flute; without the nerve-wracking breaks often heard in this genre, but rather harmonious. In 1974, they released a 7" single and recorded an LP which, however, didn’t come out at that time. Only in 1995, with the group long being history, it was finally released in an edition of 500 LPs that have been sold out long since. The LP also includes the two single tracks. Now, all of this is available on CD, plus the bonus track “Jazz”, live from the Recklinghausen Vestlandhalle in 1971. This 15-minute track is not jazz, however, but slightly jazzy instrumental progressive rock. The band's called Live and the album is entitled Live but it's a studio album ..... except the bonus track ..... which is live - OK? Stylistically it is typical for Germanic Prog rock of the period. Hammond dominated and heavy (heavy for the period that is) whilst being very melodic. It starts of with an instrumental interpretation of Grieg's Peer Gynt suite. This is a very satisfying reading of the Grieg classic, dominated by the melodies and the Hammond playing. The rest of the album is of the same musical vein with vocals used sparingly. They sound at times like Birth Control and early Eloy but still have enough individuality for the sound to be their own. Meanwhile, another Live LP called “Gevelsberg” has been released by the band, containing mostly as yet unknown recordings from 1975, live and studio, among them their track “Sea fever” from the rare sampler LP “Rock offers”.
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Formed in 1971, and a strangely named band indeed. In October 1972 their guitarist Martin Knaden went to Curly Curve. Throughout their history only one member has remained, the multi-talented keyboards and flute player Norbert Aufmhof. Although in existence for a decade Live never got to record a proper studio album, or gain a contract, which surely they should have. Maybe the band name was a bit of a jinx?!

Their earlier history was originally just documented by a single. Only more recently did an LP surface collecting 1974 recordings. Quite obviously a collection of rehearsal session tapes, the LP reveals a band with promise albeit rather grottily recorded with often barely understandable muffled lyrics in English. Musically, there are nods to early Satin Whale and Jane, but with lots of classical touches, notably Grieg and Bach, and a penchant to meander rather nicely during the instrumentals.

Based on the ROCK OFFERS track “Sea Fever”, they had blossomed and changed focus somewhat, as a much more sophisticated symphonic progressive of the Pancake and Jane type, typical of the mid/late-1970’s.

In all, during their history, three different versions of Live existed, but eventually the band split in 1976. A full history of the band is included in the GEVELSBERG CD, which documents other oddments, sessions, and a live recording!

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This side:
A1. Peer Gynt 7:18
A2. Carol 5:23
A3. Fly Like A Bird 5:36
A4. It Was Nice 5:14
A5. Dreaming 8:02
Other side:
B1. Land Of The Blind 7:24
B2. Unknown Soldier 7:35

Norbert Aufmhof - keyboards, flute
Gerd Klein - guitar
Gerd Schnidt - bass
Jurgen Schimmel - drums

Live - Peer Gynt

 [Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   484 mb/file


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