Warren S. Richardson Jr. – Warren S. Richardson Jr. (1969 us psychedelic & hard blues-rock – FLAC)

Saudações, aqui está mais um excelente heavy/hard psicodelico rock album, obviamente sem faltar boas pinceladas de blues! Desfrutem!


  1. Mega-rare and very cool, improvised heavy guitar playing with swing rhythm section, organ Hammond and wind instruments in conjunction with … great vocals!…something between the plate Morgen – second album Whalefeathers.
    Warren S. Richardson Jr. (1969). The record, without any frills named for the performer, Warren Richardson, Jr.. Which, actually. on closer inspection turns out to be none other than Bill Spooner, founder of The Tubes…the case where the performer is written under a pseudonym, if the project is clearly a one-time, or with an unpredictable prospect. Not rarity and the absence of such records in the official discography, and even there are cases where musicians have refused to admit his participation in the records of those or other releases.
    But this record is not necessary to be ashamed of Spooner. A powerful heavy blues disc, with an aggressive, tough opener Reputation, worthy and decent work.
    It is a typical drive to the end of the sixties, at a time when Hendrix was not only an idol, but also a role model.
    At first it seemed to me that hard, but by the middle of the album, it became clear how everything flawlessly and perfectly executed.

    U.S. The first stamping – as MONO PROMO! Cotillion Records SD-9013 (CTN13085CTH) Officially, this LP was released in stereo

    Warren S. Richardson Jr:
    *Warren S. Richardson Jr. (aka Bill Spooner) –
    vocals, guitar
    *David Birkett – bass
    *Mickey McGee – drums
    *Owen Eugene Hale – sax
    *Richard Lewis – keyboards, horns
    *Joseph Ray Trainer — sax

    @Nel:Thanks for sharing… next great rarity!

    1. EAC > Flac+.cue+log+scans:


  2. I'm listening to the youtube sample and between that and the text adam has posted, I'm talked into it...thank you Nel!!! :D :D


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