The Storm - The Storm (1974 Spanish proto-prog hard rock, 2006 Wah Wah records reissue - FLAC)

Saudações; saindo um pouco do eixo Reino Unido-Estados Unidos com relação a origem das pérolas setentistas, estou a postar um grande álbum de hard rock oriundo da Espanha. Disponibilizarei também um vídeo com uma apresentação ao vivo, feita em estúdio, que eu retirei de um track vídeo que veio como bônus no auto-intitulado CD dessa banda. Se alguém se interessar, eu posso ripar e fazer o post do DVD aqui no bordel! Boa audição!

1970 brought the climax for the progressive & underground rock in Spain, with Barcelona (Máquina!, Pan & Regaliz, Música Dispersa, Vértice, Tapiman) and Seville (Nuevos Tiempos, Gong y Smash) on top.

A committed and up-to-date musical movement is done for first time, leaving behind the deep backward and inferiority complex that were the companion on the Spanish music during the 60's.

However, the lack of resources an infrastructures and the existence of a non helpful atmosphere (but open and widely hostile) prevented the scene from developing a musical culture which warranties its own continuity.

1971 means the beginning of the fall, and by 1972 the premature disappearance of almost the whole of all of these bands is confirmed.

Forecast for 1973 is disappointing; the "pertinaz sequia" is felt in music as well, an someone able to move away the ghost of mediocrity and underdevelopment that flies over the Spanish musical panorama is wait as the rain; and the rain comes in the shape of a storm: a storm of Hard Rock called The Storm.

The disband of Smash brought a deep crisis in the Sevillian rock scene. The few groups that are formed have a very short life, instigated by the lack of opportunities and means (a second-hand guitar and an amp are out of reach for the most of the young Sevillian musicians), andno project is consolidated during two years. Things do not run better for The Storm, when an entertainment businessman from León called Luis Fernández de Córdoba appears, and assumes the role of manager and who will become a key character during the group life.

So far The Storm have been playing together for years; Angel (guitar), Diego (drums) and José (guitar) met at school, where they formed a band called Los Tormentos.

Luis (organ) will join later, and José will take bass, a line-up that will stand stable during the whole group existence.

At first they will make covers of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Guess Who, but is after discovering Deep Purple when they decide to lead his sound towards Hard-Rock.

After a gig in a discotheque in Torremolinos called Barbarella, they are contracted for a show in another Barbarella located in Palma de Mallorca, but the band name is not of the likes of the manager of that place because "its sounds like Flamenco". At this point they are suggested to change their name to "The Storm".

1974 it's the year for The Storm. In April their first LP is released. A solid, forceful and thundering hard rock effort (and perhaps the only real hard rock record ever made in Spain, if we exclude the Tapiman one), made exclusively with own cuts and where the band find their own musical style without renouncing to their influences (Storm will be "the Spanish Deep Purple" in our collective memory forever).

Their debut album, originally released on Basf in 1974, is one of the Crown jewels of Spanish hard rock, and changes hands for a small fortune among collectors all over the world. This LP really rocks. 

It's high energy hard rock that follows the line marked by the big organ outfits of the era: DEEP PURPLE, ATOMIC ROOSTER, BRAM STOKER, MEGATON, a.o. It has also a deep classic prog sound root, which reaches the top on 'Un Señor Llamado Fernández De Córdoba'. 

Now it gets the deserved well-done CD treatment at last, with great remastered sound, nice booklet incl. up to 30 minutes of images with a concert of the group and an interview, all circa '74-'75 !!!! An incredible document available for the first time, don't miss this!!!


  1. muchas gracias, tiempo buscando éste disco. Saludos

  2. Spanish band that was founded in the early Seventies when three young guys met at school in Seville, the cradle of flamenco. But their music had nothing in common with Prog Andaluz (like Smash, Triana and Medina Azahara): they started to play covers from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Guess Who. But soon after a fourth member on organ had joined and the band had changed their name from Los Tormentos into The Storm, everybody was impressed by the progressive hardrock of Led Zeppelin and especially Deep Purple. Then Storm changed their musical direction: a heavy rock sound with omnipresent Hammond organ work. They joined gigs with known Spanish rock bands Smash and Maquina! and gradually The Storm became pretty popular among the hardrock aficionados. In 1974 the band released their eponymous debut album, the single Ive To Tell You Mama/Its Allright even reached the top in the Spanish charts! And The Storm impressed Freddy Mercury when they were support-act for Queen during one concert, the sky looked very bright .... but unfortunately due to different reasons like work overload, miliairy service and a changing musical taste in Spain, things didnt work out as planned and foreseen. In 1979 their second album entitled El Dia De La Tormenta was released but with a new bass player and a hardly recognisable sound, a bit of a sad goodbey. Perhaps we can cynically conclude that The Storm was a heavy but short one.

    On their debut album The Storm delivers mainly rock songs with simple (mainly) English lyrics, heavy guitarwork and cascades of Hammond organ (great solos in Woman Mine and Its All Right), often Atomic Rooster (John DuCann line-up) comes to my mind because of the swirling Hammond organ, fiery electric guitar and exciting heavy climates. At some moments The Storm surprises the listener with interesting musical ideas like in the long and progressive Crazy Machine (biting wah-wah guitar and jazzy interlude with outstanding Hammond work), I Dont Know (break with swinging rhythm guitar and lush Hammond) and Experiencia Sin Organo (Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin with heavy guitar runs and .. no organ as the title suggests).

    If you like Hammond drenched progressive hardrock like Atomic Rooster, Uriah Heep and Deep Purple, this band is worth to check out.

    @Nel,as always a big thanks to share it with ;)

  3. thank you very much! great band!!

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    Thank you for all your work. Is it possible to have the 30 mn bonus video track ?

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    here's DVDrip at AVI format:

  6. Hola.Simplemente Espetacular. Gracias.Poderias subir novamente, mas
    HELP - Help & Second Coming 1970-1971.Gracias com antecedência.

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