Second Sign - Second Sign (1975 uk rare progressive rock, 2010 reissue - EAC>FLAC+.cue+log+scans)

Saudações a todos, bem, como o meu baú de jóias britânicas continua aberto, trago hoje para vocês uma banda totalmente obscura, onde eu posso destacar o vocal feminino de Irene Menasche e também o fantástico trabalho de guitarra, que nesse álbum é feito por um francês; ou seja, como a vida costuma ser irônica, desfrutemos desse maravilhoso presente que nos foi proporcionado pela união franco-inglesa!

Ultra rare previously unreleased progressive rock album recorded at Escape Studios in Kent during the mid 70s.

Taken from original master tapes, this mysterious group featured the delightful female vocals of Irene Menasche which are as impressive as Spirogyra's Barbara Gaskin and Pauline of Narnia of which some of this material is comparable.

French born guitarist Francis Voignier adds a harder edge to some of the songs, including fast paced and catchy tunes whilst providing hauting flute to the meandering Mad River, that also features spellbinding vocals from Irene.

Second Sign's tour de force Golden Age is a nine minute prog-rock epic full of stunning harmonies and great guitar solos, wonderful Hammond organ and gripping time changes.

Imagine classic Fruupp laced with sublime female vocals and you get the picture. Comes with full band history detailing the interesting tale behind this forgotten gem.


  1. - Dear Nelwizard, I thank you for your wonderful publication!

    Sincerely, Nazareth.

  2. "classic Fruupp laced with sublime female vocals" well, gotta check that out! thx Nel!

  3. I don't know anything about this release, but it certainly looks intriguing. Nice to see Audio Archives back in doing what they do best - finding unreleased obscurities....thank you Nel.

  4. LINK:

    EAC > Flac+.cue+log(100%)+full scans,176807426.rar(archive)

  5. Alternative link:!mZ0yQLLS!51vLpL3xkkkjzGytjcSShdQ0mva80OLzMV7EYbcYMt4


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