Rejoice! - same (1969, US, harmony westcoast sound, Dunhill vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR12, artwork)

Formed CA, United States
Members: Nancy Brown (vocals), Tom Brown (vocals, guitar), Michael Patrick Moore (drums).

"High Flying Bird" was written by Billy Ed Wheeler, a country-folk singer-songwriter in 1963.The song was covered by many folk and rock artists and bands like Richie Havens, Jefferson Airplane, HP Lovecraft,The Wizards from Kansas and others.

Note from band member: My name is Michael Patrick Moore. I was the original drummer for Rejoice. We were signed by Jay Lasker, president of the Dunhill label at the time, and we originally went into the studio with Terry Melcher as producer.

That was April 1968. While in the middle of our third or fourth song, Terry's father passed away and Terry was gone for about a week. Eventually, we went back to Marin County. Months later, Tom and Nancy Brown, the singers and main songwriters, went back to L.A. with Steve Barri as producer and completed the Rejoice album using studio musicians: Hal Blaine (drums), Joe Osborne (bass) and Larry Knechtel (piano).
~ytb (Prairie Prince Minsky)

side one:
A1. Sausalito Sunrise
A2. Gardens Of Chelsea
A3. Spring Flew In Today
A4. High Flying Bird
A5. November Snow
side two:   
B1. Quick Draw Man
B2. Even Though
B3. Golden Gate Park
B4. Sonora
B5. Establishment Blues

Rejoice - Establishment Blues (1969)

Tom Brown - Lead Guitar
Joe Osoorn - Bass
Hal Blaine - Drums & Percussion
Larry Knechtel - Piano & Organ
Ron Wells - Rhythm Guitar & Banjo

And special thanks to Sid Sharp
Cover Design - Randy Tutten

Produced by: Steve Barry
Strings arranged by: Jimmie Haskell
Engineer: Phil Kaye
Recorded at Western Recorders, Hollywood, Calif.

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   210 mb/file



  1. PLEASE HELP ! ! !

    Can't open/extract (tried XLD, MAX etc. on OS X) : ( Help welcome! Would really really love to listen to this one. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi gigic225, thank you very much for ripping this rarity. Till today I didn't know this band.


    Can't open/extract (tried XLD, MAX etc on OS X) It remains only one big (long) file, no track separation : ( What am I doing wrong?? Help welcome! Thanks!!! Would really love to hear this one.

    1. Hi, sorry, don`t know any about Mac OS X.... just split that file on Win (some of your friend) and get back splited one to your PC with Mac

  4. Hm.. thanks, will try but I guess I can't do this every time ; )
    Unfortunately I have this problem with all those files (only) here.


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