Lyd - same (1970, US, heavypsychrock, Akarma vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR11, artwork)

Los Angeles' extremely obscure Lyd formed in the late '60s, and combined the era's prevalent psychedelic and garage rock influences with the nascent hard rock style made popular in the ensuing decade. Consisting of Jack Linerly (guitar and vocals), Frank Tag (guitar, piano, and vocals), Rob Weisenberg (bass and vocals), and Chet Desmark (drums), Lyd's only recording is a self-titled, 1970 mini-album that was never officially released. Rather, a few of the sessions' acetates were eventually circulated by the bandmembers themselves to independent labels — naturally transforming it into an exceptionally sought-after collector's item in the process

side one
A1. The Time Of Hate And Struggle
A2. Need You
A3. Stay High / Fly Away Is Still Ok
A4. Double Dare
side two
B1. Think It Over Twice
B2. Trash Pad

Jack Linerly - Guitar, Vocals
Rob Weisenberg - Bass, Vocals
Frank Tag - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Chet Desmark - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Recorded at the Sound Factory, Hollywood - California, January 1970.
Originally released as one sided acetate only in 1970. 

LYD-The time of hate and struggle

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   157 mb/file

CD rip (remastered)


  1. Heavypsychrock - balm for the soul!
    Thank you!

  2. I second Nazareth. I'm going to investigate this on the basis of the sample.

  3. A long time ago I had a CD Lyd issued by private publishing house, the disk instead of the titles were printed only track numbers (I thought that it would be a rarity for a long time). The music on this release is a psychedelic "little garage" rock with fantastic guitar playing! Quite a surprise was the information that the by Akarma released album,LP delivered by the analogue of titles, lyrics and composition (I recommend this edition despite the fact that crackles is better than the private press). CD -21 minutes a very brief, but it is two brilliant track. 'The Time Of Hate And Struggle "(the best song on the album sensational composition, the essence of psychedelia), and' Need You" (not far behind for first track,especially a sensational commencement) Plate short, it is not a milestone in the history of music, but w/g me deserves attention (especially the first two tracks).

    @gigic: Thanks for sharing


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