Fairy Tale - Once Upon A Time (1969, Hol, great organ/guit dominated psychrock, RE Blossom vinyl rip, flac, log, DR11, artwork)

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Fairy Tale released one album in 1969 and two singles:
in 1970 'A Reason To Stay/Oh Boy - (Philips 6075101)
in 1971 'Story With No End/Streetnoise - (Philips 6075123)
(those singles were not on the album and as far as i know this album has not been reissued.)
FAIRY TALE - Once Upon A Time, originally released 1969 in Holland black/silver Blossom label( BR 17001) only released a few records!(quite expensive too as far as I remember).
Super rare and fantastic Dutch psych album with excellent organ and guitar work and also(mainly for the vocal parts)This album by a Dutch band is quite good with its accomplished songs strongly influenced by PROCOL HARUM and for those having heard it the FREEDOM's. Fairy Tale was from Hague, not to be confused with the group from Tilburg and with the british 60's band The Fairy Tale who were on some compilations(Decca Psychedelic Scene ect..) this band rose from the ashes of beatband The Nicols and the
       Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Group from The Hague, not to be confused with the group from Tilburg. They existed from the end of 1969 till the end of 1971. Lineup 1969: Cees Hoogerheide (vocals, ex-Nicols; in 1970 replaced by Ellen Zonruiter; Cees went to Big Wheel), Herman Ansink (guitar; in 1970 to Blow Ball and replaced by one John Miles, who in turn got replaced by Martin van Wijk in 1971, later with Jupiter), Peter Seilberger (organ and piano, ex-Tee Set, later to Big Wheel and Jupiter), Ed Koetsier (bass, vocals, ex-Nicols) and Harry Koetsier (drums, ex-Nicols, later with Big Rock Revival).

side one
A1. Yesterday’s Tears
A2. Will I Be Saved
A3. Can I Take You By The Hand
A4. Birds Of Passage
A5. Everybody’s Going Down To The Scene
side two
B1. Lookin’ In The Mirror
B2. Doddering Wailings
B3. From Home
B4. Tadadatatadoewh

Fairy Tale - Doddering Wailings (1969)

Fairy Tale:
Cees Hoogerheide - vocals
Herman Ansink - guitar
Peter Seilberger - organ, piano
Eddy Koetsier - bass
Harry Koetsier - drums

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]




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