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Ai putada, finalmente consegui colocar uma imagem neste filhodaputa e postar sem a ajuda do Micose
Isso aqui é super raro, nem na galeria do rock voce encontra com facilidade, se encontrar
Formada principalmente pela banda original do Alice Cooper depois que eles deixaram a banda
É um bom disco meio Muscle of Love, mas nota-se que ainda vinham procurando o seu próprio caminho
Então tenta ai........

Hey your Freaks
finally managed to get a picture and post this sob  without the help of micose
This is super rare here, nor in the gallery of rock you find easily , if you  find
Mainly by the original Alice Cooper band after they left the band
It's a good disc a middle Muscle of Love album, but note that even came looking for his own way
Then try ........

Track List

1. Too Young
2. Shine Your Love
3. I Miss You
4. Wasn't I the One
5. Love Is Rather Blind
6. Rock 'n' Roll Radio
7. Dance With Me
8. Rock Me Slowly
9. Ego Mania
10. Battle Axe
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Billion Dollar Babies – Battle Axe (1977)

Produced By Lee DeCarlo and Billion Dollar Babies
Recorded at Record Plant, New York
Neal Smith - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Dennis Dunaway - Bass, Vocals
Michael Bruce - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Bob Dolin - Keyboards, Synths, Vocals
Mike Marconi - Guitar, Vocals

Billion Dollar Babies is the brainchild of Michael Bruce, Neal Smith and Dennis Dunaway, members all of the original Alice Cooper Group. If you were ever enrolled in Rock 'n Roll History 101, you'll remember that "Alice Cooper" was the name of the entire band, before it was taken as the nom de plume of the lead singer. And well it should have been the band's moniker, since Michael Bruce penned 81% of the vintage Cooper material and the Smith-Dunaway rhythm section not only formed a rock solid foundation, but caused severe palpitations of many an adolescent heart. Breaking through the barrier of superstardom in 1970 with the hit single "Eighteen" and the LP "Love It To Death," and continuing through 6 gold albums (3 platinum!), perpetual touring in the U.S.A., Europe, South America and any other locale which would have them- irreconcilable differences (aesthetic and otherwise) eventually took their toll.

At one time, the moniker Alice Cooper referred to an entire band and not just singer Vincent Furnier, who eventually appropriated the name as part of the group's genius knack for marketing. By the time of their seventh studio album, Muscle of Love, Alice Cooper was collectively worn out after years of heavy touring with their increasingly unwieldy stage show, and arguing about their future direction. A hiatus turned permanent after the first Alice Cooper solo album emerged in 1975.

However, there's a bit more to the story for the original band, who apparently thought turnabout was fair play. They appropriated the name of a previous album -- Billion Dollar Babies -- for their own group, and soldiered on. Along with losing the services of frontman Furnier/Cooper, lead guitarist Glen Buxton was not part of Billion Dollar Babies, with Mike Marconi taking over his role. Former touring keyboardist Bob Dolin was also added to the group, and rhythm guitarist Michael Bruce took over on lead vocals.

Their resulting 1977 album, Battle Axe, is a more than solid chunk of late '70s rock, thankfully (to my ears) a bit out of step with the times; there's no disco beats and a relatively non-overwhelming keyboard sound.

"Battle Axe" represents the debut LP of the Babies. Not only is it the title of the album, but also of their sports spectacular stage show. The concept- if one can really apply that trite word- is basically the triumph of pure rock 'n roll over other musical
forces seeking to weaken rock's grasp on the hearts and minds of teenagers. A sonorous fanfare commences, a futuristic fight ring rises out of the stage and a battle to the finish takes place between rival guitarists dressed in bold sci-fi rock-star regalia a la a space-age gladiator. "Born from the despair of MOR and Disco comes the ultimate in spectacular" riff to riff combat pitting the resurgent energy of rock against the cold and calculating wastelands of formula disco and other such enervating musical forms. Rock 'n roll triumphs and the audience is left to pronounce the fate of the vanquished.

The Billion Dollar Babies rock 'n roll consists of strong doses of solid rock songs as presented on Battle Axe: "Rock 'n Roll Radio," "Too Young," "Dance With Me," and all the other tracks are a salvo of well-executed melodic rock 'n roll that should keep the airwaves and concert halls pulsating through the rest of the seventies. The Billion Dollar Babies mean business! This infant is a killer!


  1. Thanks for chance to hear this album.Not bad,but I like them more with Alce Cooper...

  2. Rogério M Schirach4 de dezembro de 2012 17:38

    Ta voltando aos poucos a ativa hem? Assim nóis gosta! E vamo que vamo nos downloads basicos da vida! Nunca mais falei contigo no MSN......Quando vc trocar a msg la eu entro e dou um alô.
    Eu to sempre "enchenco o saco" la do Alex Han do Boyz...O cara é 10, ta sempre se esforçando e repostando coisas da época do Megaupload

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