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Olá a todos apreciadores de boa música, para compensar um pouco a longa ausência de post, segue mais um petardo britânico para o vosso deleite!

I would have rated this album 6 stars - to me it is one of the most important recent re-issues. At the same time, perhaps it is one of the most underrated albums. It is a mature hard'n neavy band from the 70s (it is often labelled "progressive", but it's as if we'll call Deep Purple "progressive").
The band was a short-lived and unlucky brainchild of Peter Spearing, amazing guitarist and composer. Before founding "Stonehouse" he toured Germany in 66-67, recorded few sigles for Deutsche Vogue, and even appeared on Bremen TV. After returning to UK, he released some singles on Decca and Columbia.

"Stonehouse" emerged in 1970 with James (Jimmy) Smith on vocals - powerful high-pitched voice, which goes almost hysterical on "Hobo" and screaming like lost soul on "Cheater"; and Ian Snow ("Snowy") on drums, while Terry Parker provided solid bass.

The band soon was offered a contract by RCA, and within only 3 (!) days in Advision Studios in London they've recorded "Stonehouse Creek 1971" named after a small locality in Plymouth, knowns as Tinkies and "Deadlake" - in the days of Queen Victoria.

I couldn't find any traces of RCA promoting the album, so I suspect that it was mistreated by the record industry in spite of its huge potential.

It is absolutely useless to compare the band with the others, but it is superb hard'n heavy, reminding somehow "Rare Bird" (first two LPs), early "Led Zeppelin" (without unnecessary lengthy solos) and "Deep Purple".Jimmy Smith is pretty close to the raving madness of Clark Hutchinson  Free To Be Stoned - The Complete Decca Recordings Anthology,
 and Paul Rodgers of "Free" sounds rather low-key and tamed next to him. The musicianship of Peter Spearing must be heard to believe.

Most unfortunately the band split after releasing the album, James Smith and Ian Snow left to join "Asgard" (signed by Moody Blues' label Threshold).

This CD is a DIGIPACK re-issue by new German label "Universum" - 11 tracks (reprise of "Stonehouse Creek" sounds as bonus)
True collector's piece and tons of pleasure guaranteed - dirt cheap at this price! (by  Golovanov Alexey)


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  2. I bought this album a couple of years ago...There have been rips of an over-modulated bootleg CD of this album at a low bitrate floating around cyberspace for years. Well it has finally gotten a long-awaited legitimate reissue! The first and last tracks are kinda 'country', but everything in between is early 70's hard rock of the highest order. Honestly this is some great stuff, what a shame this British band only released one album. Intelligent, well-played, no-frills heavy duty rock with great vocals, what more could you want? All fans of 70's rock will need to get this one. The album is now rare and sought-after by collectors of this genre, apart from the acoustic title track it consists of hard rock.....
    STONEHOUSE “Stonehouse Creek”, 1971 It’s often difficult to judge an album by its cover. However STONEHOUSE chose to throw their red herring in their first song which begins with a melodic pop song. The band then on “Hobo” show their hand at hard rock with piano playing in the background and high vocals that would be the envy of many a female jazz or blues singer in the foreground. “Cheater” is very much heavy rock due to the guitar tone and equals other heavy bands of the year. “Nightmare” has a huge guitar boogie feel despite the piano playing in parts of the song. The drums and bass compliment the huge guitar tone on tracks like “Down, Down”and leads that command attention. Often the production, which sounds tinny due to the sound of feedback left on the first few songs, means that unlike BLACK SABBATH’s “Master of Reality” it sounds somewhat dated and doesn’t demand the volume to be turned up all the way through.

    It's the kind of album that falls into the transition period from blues/country rock into the harder rock of bands like Thin Lizzy. For some, this could be considered one of those lost gems, but that's always been a label I'm weary of. Often I find 'lost gems' to have been lost for a reason. Many of those albums, though interesting, are very flawed and become forgotten for that reason. I feel this album falls into that category. There are some decent tunes on here, "Nightmare" and "Cheater" being the best, which are also the heaviest songs. Much of the rest of the record sounds like a Creedence Clearwater Revial imitation.

    Nel: my friend, always good to see yours post ... wherever they appear well done keep it up...big hugs! :)

  3. The ideal companion of Jodo "Guts", both are exceptionals, I bought them also together (after 30 years of waiting).

    Greetings Nelson, and God bless the Rock'n'Roll...

    PS: i'm a robot and i can easily cracked the code, @!*# ¤(% *$}%.

  4. que pedradaaaa, curti pra caralho... achei o blog por acaso, era o que eu precisava, final dos anos 60 e inicio dos 70. viva o heavy rock. parabéns aos donos do blog

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