Osiris: Myths And Legends (1984) {2010 Reissue + Bonus Track} [WAV]

Artist: Osiris
Album: Myths And Legends

Genre: Symphonic Progressive Rock
Year: 1984
Country: Bahrain
Label/Catalog: MALS / MALS 349 (2010 Reissue)

Format: WAV

Brought to you by Putavéia (Oldbitch)

"Putada, ta foda
Não consigo postar pois o blogger impos cotas de imagens e à partir de 2gb querem cobrar espaço
Por isso tenho apelado para o nosso amigo Micose para postar por mim

Mas deixando essa idiotice para tras, puta discaço dessa banda do Bahrein, cantado em inglês, um progressivo de primeira qualidade

Então vamos nessa"

"Hey your Freaks

I can not post because the blogger imposed quotas and images from space 2gb want to charge
So I called for our friend micose to post for me.

But leaving that idiocy back, bitch disc from this band from Bahrein and sing in English, a progressive first class

So let's go"

01 Myths And Legends (5:54)
02 Free Like The Wind (7:45)
03 Voyage (7:04)
04 Dreams Of A Jester (6:53)
05 Wasted (8:40)
06 Who Remembers (5:01)
07 The Power (3:33)

Mohamed Al-Sadeqi - guitar, vocals
Abdul Razak-Aryan - keyboards, vocals
Nabil Alsadeqi - drums
Sabah Alsadeqi - lead vocals
Abdul Razzak Arian - organ, keyboards
Nader Sharif - piano, keyboards
Ali Khonji - bass



  1. Este é de download obrigatório...Conheci a banda aqui no Bordel, numa postagem creio da PV, curtí logo de cara e ja baixei mais alguns CDS deles.(aqui e em outros blogs). Valeu pessoal, pra vc ver Micose que eu não vivo só de Omega, kkkkkkk

  2. Osiris is probably one of, if not the only Arabic Progressive rock band! Those musicians come from Bahrain, a small country of the Persian Gulf. Al-Sadeqi brothers and their friends based on melodies full of variations, of instrumental blends and of ethereal developments like multiple combinations between numerous instruments (Guitar, two keyboards, flute, vibraphone & percussions). Despite their origins, their music doesn’t sound old and proves to be as strong, elaborated, virtuoso and inspired as that of equivalent Anglo-Saxon bands (Camel, Caravan, Genesis…) with an instrumentation worthy of the best.

    Well the time has come for OSIRIS from Bahrain, a Symphonic/Neo Prog group formed back in 1979. the original lineup information is very limited, so we will have to base our bio in the first 1981 official lineup formed by Mohamed Al-Sadeqi (guitar, vocals), Mohamed Abdul Razak-Aryan (keyboards, vocals), Nabil Alsadeqi (drums), Sabah Alsadeqi (lead vocals) Abdul Razzak Arian (organ and other keyboards), Nader Sharif (piano and other keyboards) and Ali Knonji in the bass
    The fact is that this band with strong CAMEL and GENESIS ties has been considered Neo Prog due to the fact that their approach is a bit simpler than the influential bands, but due to the fact OSIRIS was founded in 1979 when Neo wasn't yet born but at the same time despite the abundance of keyboardists, usually Mohamed Al Sadeqi takes the lead with the guitar, so to be honest I couldn't swear to what genre they really belong, but this doesn't matter too much because they are a very solid band.
    During their first era the band released three albums, "Osiris", 1982 , "Myth & Legend" in 1986 and "Reflections" in 1989.
    In 1991 OSIRIS releases their first and only live album "Beyond Control Live" and surprisingly in 2007 they release a conceptual album called "Visions from the Past" which is more oriented towards a blend of Bahraini music and Rock.
    Interesting band who's albums have been re-released by Musea for the luck of those of us who love to find rare music.

    Osiris hail from that inexhaustible hotbed of modern progressive rock, the State of Bahrain they sound much more like IQ or some of the other neo-progressive bands from their former colonial motherland. Like IQ's, their style is rhythmically simplified and melodically more accessible take on the symphonic sound of Genesis and Yes, with a spattering of American arena rock guitar mannerisms here and there. But Osiris steer well clear of the most obvious cliches and give a lot of room for instrumental solos and interplay between guitar and two sets of keyboards. The playing is proficient but not given to too much empty flash or self-indulgence, and the keyboardists' tone policy manages a quite tasteful mix of old-style analog and the jingly digitals of the day. Neither of the two vocalists has a golden larynx but they handle their relatively brief parts with dignity. While a few production details (e.g. the needless synth tom fills on an otherwise impeccable instrumental "Lost and Found") are questionable from today's perspective and the rhythm section can be unimaginatively linear at times, the melodic writing and the fluid guitar work of Mohammed al-Sadeqi make this an enjoyable snack for fans of neo-progressive or simpler symphonic rock. Certainly Osiris' neo-progressive colleagues in Europe could have taken a lesson or two from the boys from Bahrain.

    Thx Oldbitch & Micose.

  3. Mas que M.........Não dá mais p/baixar????????????Êta servidor porreta, pra não dizer outra coisa (muito) pior......Não deu p/terminar o download ontem, pois tive um compromisso e deixei p/fazer o download hj....Fudeu!!!!!
    Azar o meu!!!! (Rimou, kkkkkkkkkk)


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