Mammut - same (1971, Ger, undergroundkrautpsych, Ohr Cdrip + RE-TTM vinyl rip, single flac + cue, log, wax-DR11, artwork)

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The group born out of the jazz scene in Villingen (near Stuttgart, Southwest Germany) from musicians formerly of the bands The Rope Set and Those. Mammut were an obscure underground band, whose sole album was the result of no-holds-barred late night jam sessions at the MPS studios. Dark sounds, with hints of Amon Düül II, heavy blues-rock (in the more freaky Frumpy or Tomorrow's Gift vein), with all sorts of strange, ethnic and gothic touches combined in their music.

The ensemble seems to be a fusion between former bands The Rope Set and Those, consisting of Klaus and Peter Schnur on lead guitars and lead vocals, Rainer Hoffmann on piano and organ, Tilo Herrmann as bassist, flutists and backing vocalist, and Günter Seier on drums and percussions. Mammut was, anyhow, raised within the Stuttgart jazz scene, the German rock ideals, the heavy and dark music inspiration conceptuality, plus within the howling feelings that make rock an explosive and exploratory art. Their work scored an unique private print in the Orschwahl label, but was quickly confronted with legal issues, and was re-licensed by Little Wing of Refugees. The same label problems emerged when "Mammut" was re-released, since it was withdrawn quickly, disappearing for good.

In summer 1971, Klaus Rainer Hoffman Schnur asked to cooperate in the recording of the new album Tilo Herrmann (bass, vocals) and Gunther Seiera (drums) and his brother Peter Klaus. And so, a group Mammut formed. For completeness I want to add that Peter was nicknamed Mammut and hence the group name,the initiator of the session, was Aki Kienzler.

Groups exist only for the duration of the recording session or for two or three weeks. Usually, the ideas were born works in the morning or early afternoon, and were arranged and recorded late afternoon, sometimes at night.

This group recorded one of the most legendary albums, issued in the so-called. Private expense tiny label, Mouse Trick Track Music TTM 5022 (1971) It is extremely rare.
Album theme by "Mammut Opus "is connected with the other songs, the Mammut word in all titles of songs. Goods production, given the fact that it was a" private pressing. "

It should be noted that the LP "Mammut" was reissued on CD four times. In 1993 and 2000 by the German label Ohrwaschl Fuzzy's Records (OW no. 013) and in 2003 by the expertize Record (no.EXCD-9918-FF). The latter, released a CD, posting two songs bonus. These were: Da Du Da performed by The Rope Sect and performed by Bill King Those. Both songs were originally on the LP "Under Party Ground ",1971 (Mouse Trick Track Music-TTM 5021)also on vinyl in 1996 by Little Wing of Refugees (LW no. 1048) in a limited edition (500 copies), but with a different cover. In 2009, the company Longhair Music, released a CD reissue as a CD Mammut (LHC 70) and DLP (LHC 77). Both forms contain material from the origi vinyl in 1971, and DU Oak Oak song performed by The Rope Sect, as a bonus.

This album is an intense and bombastic hybrid between heavy fuzz acid guitar, instinctive free rock improvisations and some lyrical, classical influenced interludes/fragmentes. Mammut played in an impressive and comvincing manner their conception of an psychedelic rock opera. For that each title includes the name Mammut. The opening track 'Bird Mammut' is a groovy, percussive, crazy psychedelic affair featuring an avalanche of drums, trippy organs, bluesy e-guitar and wistfull flute passages. 'Classical Mammut' delivers a short piano interlude, a pleasant melodic moment. 'Mammut ecstacy' is a fuzzy heavy psychedelic composition with furious rhythms, an efficient bass guitar leading theme and some nice keyboard moves. 'Foot Machine Mammut' alternates a bluesy popsong with free guitar jams accompanied by Hammond organ. Perhaps parts of the first Embryo album are comparable to this. 'Nähgarn Mammut' is their attempt to be more lyrical and melodic, while the album closes with 14 minutes of 'Mammut opera', which show Mammut at their best. Dark sounds with hints of Amon Düül II, heavy blues rock with all sorts of strange, ethnic and gothic touches combined in their music. 

Musical fascinations team members ranged from classical music to blues hardrock. Indeed, this can be heard on the only board that members of the group recorded a self-released in 1971, calling his label Mouse Trick Track Music. Although none of the major labels did not express interest in LP was noticed and well received by music critics. 
What else can I say? 
References drag this hard rock (of psych smokes) movement into Krautrock, given that it is a German classic scene music print. Sometimes, the references to Embryo or Amon Duul bewilder beyond how the music's strength mainly sounds like. The band had a special likeness for Deep Purple, otherwise their main acid thrill had everything to do with the evolved giant lengths of Hard Rock, Hard Blues and Hard Psych. The particular slight references to Canned Heat, Tomorrow's Gift or Frumpy surface interestingly.

German heavy band Mammut is nowadays a pure and absolute rarity in the lights of rock classic music; their only album is also a record rather impossible to track down, plus it excels as a fantastic jewel of heavy music, scorching composition and optical art. The music is close to the early classic expressions of progressive rock, showing besides that an empathy for strange visions, compact concepts, psychedelic hazes and fuzz-growing emotions.

Recommend this album with great enthusiasm.

Thank you so much Adam for that effort

One of the rarest German private releases ! Dual guitar led long tracks, wild / furious fuzz psych soloing, howling vocals. Regarded by some as the best private pressing from the German burgeoning underground.

This group made one of the most legendary German private pressings. It is now incredibly rare. The sound of a squeaking mouse opens the album, released on 'Mouse Trick Track Music' (amazing choice of label name!) The album is a thematically linked "Mammut Opus", with the word "Mammut" included in all the track titles. A rhythmic and dramatic instrumental overture with wistful flute ("Bird Mammut") and a short interlude for piano ("Classical Mammut") put you in the right mood before the lengthy, heavy guitar riffing tracks "Mammut Ecstasy" and "Footmachine Mammut" strike you. Perhaps Elias Hulk and parts of the first Embryo album are comparable to this. Side two starts with a "Short Mammut" - sounds of gunfire and bomber planes. "Schizoid Mammut" had violent, paranoid lyrics with music to match. "Nagarn Mammut" is their attempt to be more lyrical. The album closes the same way as it started with large doses of instrumental music ("Mammut Opera"), what Pete Townshend would name 'underture'. The most impressive aspect of this album is that all the biting guitar statements are woven in-between the vocals. A typical golden artefact from one of the most fertile years of modern music (1971) incorporating both classical and heavy acid blues influences. Good production as well, considering it was a private release, so I can recommend this album to you with great enthusiasm!

MAMMUT - Ecstasy

01. Bird Mammut 04:08
02. Classical Mammut 01:21
03. Mammut Ecstasy 04:27
04. Footmachine Mammut 03:08
05. Short Mammut 01:48
06. Shizoyd Mammut 03:21
07. Nöhgarn Mammut 06:59
08. Mammut Opera 13:39

Tilo Herrmann - Bass, Flute, Vocals
Günter Seier - Drums, Percussion
Peter Schnur - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Other [Akimulator], Vocals
Klaus Schnur - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Rainer Hoffmann - Piano, Organ

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

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