Lucifer - same (1970, US, soulfulpsychrock, Hallucination CDrip, single flac + cue, log, artwork)

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"This underground rock group from Rochester,New York , cut this sole album of Grand Funk Railroad-inspired, style Uriah Heep hard rock in 1970."

Rochester, NY, heavy rock quintet Lucifer was formed in 1969 by vocalist Joe Mattioli, guitarist Pete Skelton, and pianist Joe Gallo, who previously teamed in Infirmary; former Poor Heart bassist Butch Biocca and drummer Joe Bertola rounded out the lineup, which according to legend also may have briefly included future Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm, who never recorded with the group.

Originally released in 1970 on the tiny label Gallo Records original only pressing of 100 copies,making it a sought after collector's piece, the record sold poorly and the group dissolved soon after, although subsequent interest from collectors drove copies of the original LP to stratospheric prices prior to its 2001 CD reissue (Akarma)

Lucifer's self-titled LP,this very rare album was with schizoid tendencies to dark seedy hard rock with fuzz/organ moves & soulful vocals & deep lounge moods,heavy rock pounder with vocal harmonies. Sometimes compared to Grand Funk Railroad but actually more of a typical Eastcoast post-Fudge outing, pounding late-60’s rawk with killer vocal harmonies and a psych edge that are sometime reminiscent of Vanilla Fudge,and Iron Butterfly storming album with strong guitar work, and tight vocal harmonies. At times the pace is more laid back such as during the excellent version of "Get Together". Overall high quality late '60's rock with a psych edge and all the right guitar moves!

Their music is "hard rock in the style of Grand Funk Railroad and Uriah Heep". Overall the album is nowhere near that heaviness - there's a notable lack of thunderous riffing or screaming solos. Heep influences are more obvious in the soaring Byron-esque vocals on the dramatic ballads but an underlying soulful vibe and keyboard dominance puts them in the class of those NYC and Long Island Italian-American bands influenced by Vanilla Fudge or the Young Rascals, rather than the proto heavy-metal set. On their lighter side, they deliver a fine flowing rendition of the Youngbloods' version of Dino Valente's hippie anthem (Let's) Get Together. The original is supposedly very rare and has been hyped by specialist dealers with asking prices reaching a dizzyingly silly level - one copy seen going for $900 - $1500! in 2001 - surely guaranteed to disappoint. So, if this sounds like your bag and you're not stupidly rich, pick up the reissue.
Check this LP out, it's a devilishly good 'vinyl platter'.
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This underground rock group from Rochester, NY, cut this sole album of Grand Funk Railroad-inspired hard rock in 1970, which was released on Gallo to little recognition and few sales, thus elevating their mystique in the collector world. This record was in fact sorely overlooked at the time and is a classic soulful rock album produced to a standard that begs popularity, with a production that is in fact almost middle-of-the-road '70s-sounding rather than underground psychedelia. It is rumored that Lou Gram, later of Foreigner, was with the band for a spell. What to expect: a funky and soulful hard rock album that will appeal to fans of Thin Lizzy and Uriah Heep with some keyboard-driven white soul and boogie and a great version of Buffalo Springfield's "Where Do We Go From Here."
(~allmusic) by Dean McFarlane

Lucifer - Sixteen From Lucifer 1970

01. Sixteen
02. Different Face
03. Where Do We Go From Here
04. Get Together
05. My Baby
06. You Better Find Somebody To Love
07. I'm Gonna Make It
08. If This World Were Mine
09. Dreaming Isn't Good For You
10. Crabby Day
11. Don't Tell Me How To Love
12. See You In Hell

Joe Mattioli - Lead singer
Vincent "Butch" Biocca - Bass
Joe Gallo - Piano
Joe Bertola - Drums
Pete Skelton - Lead guitar

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