Howl The Good - same (1972, US, 70`s guit/keys rockprog, Rare Earth vinyl rip, flac, cue, DR11, artwork)

*** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***

Gary Wright (ex-Spooky Tooth and future “Dream Weaver” fame)
A Gary Wright production on Tamla Motown's progressive label. He contributes a couple of songs and the album is heavy with a touch of, inevitable,sounding similar to Spooky Tooth. Allan Odom has a better voice than Gary Wright for starters. Yes this album isnt anything special but it does have some good tunes for those who like Semi Commercial Rock. The best tunes are 'Things You Do', 'Harder Doing Nothing' and the bluesy 'Ain't Hard To Stumble '. Nice Hammond Organ playing to boot

Very nice copy of their 1972 album on the "Rare Earth" label (R537L) yes on their own label with cool custom label sleeve (they had great bands, Love Sculpture, Pretty things, early Meatloaf etc), sleeve says "one year old and growing" it was a Motown sub label & lasted from 1969-76) this was produced by Gary Wright (of Spooky Tooth right before his solo career) in fact he wrote two of these songs 'Just Pretend It's Another Day' and ' Long Way from Home'& they cover a also Cat Stevens, track 'The Joke'.
Very hard album to find & hasn't been reissued on CD.
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

An obscure rock group on the same Motown subsidiary label as Power of Zeus or Lost Nation. Produced by Gary Wright (Spooky Tooth) who also donated two songs, on offer is undistinguished early seventies rock.
(~Fuzz Acid & Flowers)

Howl The Good - Harder Doing Nothing (1972)

side one:
A1. Things You Do
A2. Just Pretend It's Another Day
A3. I Need A Friend
A4. The Joke
A5. Harder Doing Nothing 
side two:
B1. Why Do You Cry
B2. Long Way From Home
B3. Beginning Of The End
B4. This Moment In The Sun
B5. Ain't Hard To Stumble 

* Producer – Gary Wright *

Howl The Good:
Neil Fayne - guitar / bass / vocals
Dennis Harrison - drums / percussion
Allan Odom - vocals
Wiley Pack - guitar / vocals
Tom Schneider - keyboards / vocals

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   234 mb/file


  1. Not a bad album.Nice surprise tome.Many thanks...

  2. All is good in Howl The Good. I didn't knew this album, even if i think i have already seen it physically, but i don't remember where and when. The record is scarce but it's still possible to find original copies on the web market.
    Deserves to be reissued. Thanks Gigic for the discover and Adam for your great review (as always).

  3. Thank you very much! Really liked it, but when I try to burn EAC reports an error in CUE SHEET. What is the reason?

  4. When slicing EAC refers to an error in CUE SHEET. What needs to change?

    1. Anônimo & Pavel - sorry, don`t know how to solve your troubles with burning, maybe convert flac to wav and try to burn again or better way when you split this file in Medieval CUE Splitter (little free soft without instaling) and burn as splited album

  5. Like you said above "this album isn't anything special" but then again nor is 99% of the shit that is produced today.



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