Houston Fearless - same (1969, US, Psychrock, Imperial vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR10, artwork)

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The only one, but for that's very good album,recorded by the American band (in the style of Vanilla Fudge / Steppenwolf) is responsible, among others for a great version of Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield repertoire. Some excellent hard rocking stuff here with some beautiful psychedelic touches. Originally released on Imperial Records (LP-12421) in 1969 somewhat hit or miss album, but a few great heavy psych tracks with lots of hot fuzz soloing and big hammond organ.

Little is known about this Texas garage band. It is only known that they are from Houston (Texas), and have a single album in 1969. The line is mostly hard rock and heavy psych with excellent work of fuzzy guitar and organ. Highlights of weight for "Not Foolin 'Me" which opens the album with a Hammond organ in aggressive duel with the constant fuzzy guitar, "Blue Bones and Ashes" dominated the energy of fuzzy guitar, the cover "Race With The Devil" which years later was also rewritten by the heavy rock band Judas Priest and incredible cover of Buffalo Springfield "Mr.Soul", in an atmosphere of jam session. There are also bands with diverse styles such as "Knock Knock" which mixes the southern rock and country, "Joshua" and the style of latin rock band Santana, "Love Has a Habit" which has bases that resemble somewhat the "Beatles" and "Hold Me", with wind instruments and sound psych-pop-sunshine. 
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Presumably this outfit was from Houston. Their album consists of average late sixties heavyish rock and shouldn't be of much interest to readers.
(~Fuzz Acid & Flowers)

We've never been able to dig up much on this quartet (Harley Baker, Bill Combest, Joe Krasomil and Bob Wall). Signed by Imperial, their self-titled 1969 debut teamed them with producers Charles Greene and Brian Stone (whom we're more familiar with producing soul and R&B acts). Musically "Houston Fearless" wasn't bad, though it wasn't particularly distinguished. A fairly typical set of late-'60s hard rock, material such as "Not Foolin' Me", "Race with the Devil" and an extended cover of The Buffalo Springfield's "Mr. Soul" had a Steppenwolf-styled feel to them (aka manic vocals, walls of keyboards and an occasional screaming guitar). With Wall and Baker responsible for most of the material, among the more interesting tracks were the acoustic "Only For You" which offered up their prettiest melody, the country-rocker "What Are Those Things", and "Blue Bones and Ashes" which benefited from a mild psychedelic feel. Did it sell? Nope. Is it worth hearing? If you can get it cheap - which is now possible given our low asking price !!!


side one:
A1. Not Foolin' Me
A2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow
A3. Only For You
A4. Blue Bones And Ashes
A5. Race With The Devil
side two:
B1. Mr. Soul
B2. What Are Those Things
B3. Knock Knock
B4. Joshua
B5. Love Has A Habit
B6. Hold Me

Houston Fearless:
Harley Baker
Bill Combest
Joe Krasomil
Bob Wall

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   197 mb/file


  1. the kind of record , that when you have the original in your hand, you think that none reissue, LP or CD can replace it. Why? don't ask me, its only a physical aura.
    About the record? to my memory it is patchy (but never bad), but there is 3 or 4 explosive tracks that worth all the gold in the world. The two covers "Race With The Devil" and "Mr Soul" are the most notable. I think that there have been a reissue, but not sure. Imperial record was a independant label of New-Orleans, in this time already bought by Liberty records.
    Nice post, Gigic.

    PS: with less than 3 grammes of alcohol, it is impossible to crack the code, or only if you are a robot.

    1. @Laurent:Houston Fearless,USA outfit lived to see... on CD Walhalla Records in 2006

  2. Thanks "GIGIC"for this so hard to find album.

  3. Great post !! Thanx a lot, gigic2255 !!!!


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