Smash - We Come To Smash (1971, Spain, Progpsych, Philips CDRrip, wav, cue, log, artwork)

Short after the release of "La glorieta...", Smash entered studio again to record their second and last album, this was 1971. They dropped some hard rock influence to the mix, so it's hard-psychedelic flamenco rock you get here, and it's probably the most appreciated Smash recording by connoisseurs.

Smash - Well, You Know

1. Well You Know
2. First Mouvement
3. Behind The Stars
4. We Come To Smash This Time
5. My Funny Girl
6. Don't Be Sad, Baby
7. Fail Safe
8. Good Bye

Gualberto - guitar,sitar,tabla...
Antoñito Rodriguez - drums
Henrik Michael - violin & flute
Julio Matito - vocals
Silvio Mane - percussions

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   215 mb/file


  1. muchas gracias pero es imposible bajarlo. De ser posible, ponerlo en otro servidor, por favor. Muy agradecido. Saludos

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  3. Smash were a psychedelic rock band from Spain that flourished from 1969 to about 1972 or so,fuzz guitars, sitar-psych, blues licks, flamenco influences, anarchic comedy, melancholic pop brilliance: that's Smash!. Short after the release of '' La glorieta...'',Smash entered studio again to record their second and last album, this was 1971.

    The second album from the Spanish group led by Gualberto. Opening the album combat Well You Know, which is a rock-and-roll, full means hard rock, the group moves on to prog First Movement with harpsichord and a good guitar solo, and then to a rather unusual Behind The Stars with strong Arab motives (read: mournful singing) and sitar. After heavy prog title track, executed in two languages, and folky My Funny Girl back is stiff Don't Be So Sad in the spirit of Cream, accompanied by juicy bass. Heavy psychedelic Fail Safe for 10 and a half minutes with a distorted voice, occasionally breaking into hysterics, and instrumentalists, and then going off in a jam, almost the album, leaving the last very short acoustic instrumental Goodbye.
    They do it all, and They do really well.

  4. por fin lo pude bajar, muchas gracias. Saludos


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