Ernan Roch Con Las Voces Frescas - La Onda Pesada (1971, Mex, Psych, Onda Rec. vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR10, artwork)

   *** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***
Rare Mexican psych album from 1971, this one is heavy on the south of the border fuzz—and if “The Train” hasn’t been comped yet, I’m sure it is only a matter of time. Whereas the vinyl boasts a hefty price tag, an original Rex label is around $1,000, if you can find a copy. West Coast style psych little bit folksy, a little bit psychedelic from this a Mexican singer known only for this album. Roch sings in English throughout, often in a mode that mixes bluesy phrasings with a raspier folk style, a package made all the more excellent thanks to the mix of acoustic and fuzzed-out electric guitars. These are heavy on dark-edged phrasings, and they really give the record a spooky feel, one that some people have likened to being almost folk/funk at times! Production is simple, but somehow heavenly, floating with a brilliance crafted from a very few simple elements; that guitar... it's amazing! one of those rare perfect moments of studio magic.
   Thank you so much Adam for that effort

'60s Mexican album with amazing psychedelic guitar playing (ripping wah wah fuzz). All songs are in English and have a West Coast feel but that guitar... it's amazing!....terrific West Coast style psych, with melodic vocals and blasts of incredible fuzz guitar.


lado 1:
A1. The Train
A2. Sitting On The Side Of The Ocean
A3. I Found All
A4. I Can't
A5. Round Round
lado 2:
B1. Gonna Make It
B2. A Life Of Love
B3. Cause Of Love
B4. All Right / It's Gonna Take Me Time
B5. Give Me A Piece

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]


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