Beauregarde - same (1971, US, strange dirtybluesypsychrock, RE F-Empire vinyl rip, single wav + cue, DR13, artwork)

His wrestling career began in 1963 and by 1970 he had become one of the biggest names on the Pacific Northwest Wrestling circuit. He was renowned for his unique wrestling moves (and finishing move The Thumb) and crazy on-stage characters he created for himself. On match days he would find a historic figure whose date of birth fell on that day and pretend to be them during the match and in interviews.
In 1971, he released an album bearing his stage name, "Beauregarde" featuring Greg Sage of the Wipers on guitar. Beauregarde enlisted Sage (then 17) after overhearing him playing guitar for a friend's band at Sound Productions studio in Portland

side one:
A1. I Got Something
A2. Super Star Super Star
A3. If You Got Soul
A4. Tomorrow, Tomorrow
side two:
B1. Everybody Ball
B2. I'm Talkin' Time
B3. Testify
B4. Pass Away
B5. I

Beauregarde - Testify  (really great clip)

Vocals - Beauregarde 
Guitar - Greg Sage (Wipers)
Drums - Jay Lundell
Bass - Dave Koupal (Wipers)
Congo / Sax - Allen Robinson
Organ / Piano / Trumpet - Omar Bose

Wipers - Born With A Curse

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   218 mb/file

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  1. Valladão clique aqui ( ) está tudo bem - use medieval cue splitter/joiner

  2. O.K. É verdade, tinha me esquecido do medieval cue splitter, estava tentando abrir com o EAC e ele estava mostrando erro, mas agora já baixei o programa. Gostei do disco (acabei escutando o arquivo único), bem melhor do que eu esperava.

  3. Many thanks for this gigic2255.


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