Smash - Glorieta de los Lotos (1970, Spain, Psychrock, Philips CDRrip, wav, cue, log, artwork)

One of the biggest names of the Spanish 70's underground, Smash came from Seville and featured the well-known guitarist Gualberto who also found fame with later solo albums. Of the two longplays released by Smash, "La glorieta de los lotos" is the first of them. It was originally released in 1970 and mixes psychedelia with Andalusian roots.

Smash - Sitting On The Truth

1. Forever Walking (3:58)
2. Light Blood, Dark Bleeding (2:54)
3. Free As The Green Little Men (4:51)
4. Tove And All That (2:49)
5. It's Only Nothing (4:47)
6. Glorieta de los Lotos (1:04)
7. Nazarin Again (2:48)
8. Love Millonaire (3:04)
9. Sitting On The Truth (6:42)
10. Ottenos (1:15)
11. Aimsha (2:06)
12. Rock And Roll (8:57)

Julio Matito / vocal
Henrik Michael / violin & guitar
"Antoñito" Rodriquez / drums & percussion
Gualberto / guitars

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link:   260 mb/file

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  1. Totaly unknown to me,but it's really amzing,because i'm not so familiar with Spanish bands fro that era.Thanks...

  2. Resident in the Santa Clara in Seville, where American soldiers spent the night at the base of Moron. Gualberto was more used to listen to The Doors, Otis Redding, Hendrix or Janis Joplin, that (hey, no offense to anyone) Encarnita Polo, Top-Son or the Dynamic Duo. It is part of groups like New Times or bats (with getting a tour on a cruise, touch on issues of Pink Floyd, Yardbirds, Beatles, Hollies, but the songs and asked passage pasodobles finally they "allow" remain on board provided they do not climb on stage). In 1967 after attending rows Gualberto was out of the group, plays alone in rooms until one falls in property Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo (that of the famous method for winning at Casinos) "Club Don Gonzalo" after Gonzalo time offers instruments Gualberto a former group had to dissolve to be called up (the Gong), in exchange for forming a new band, Gualberto accepts and begins searching among his former employees to prospective members band.
    Band was formed with the aid of the producer Gonzalo García Pelayo, founded by the sitar/guitar player Gualberto in 1967. At the beginning of the seventies Smash recorded two albums for Philips label "Glorieta de los Lotos" in 1970 and "We Come To Smash This Time" in 1971.

    Spanish rock group's flagship and Andalusian rock pioneer give concerts throughout the national territory. First forays into the fusion of flamenco with rock, within a framework of pop rock, experimenting with various shades of blues-rock and psychedelic.
    Heavy rock/pop music with some very nice psychedelic Touches, characterised by swathes of wailing guitars. At times the band suddenly go off into totally tripped out acid rock with sitars, backward guitars, phased vocals and all manner of crazy freak-outs. Comparable to a Spanish Led Zep/Rolling Stones/Pretty Things.

    Smash was a known and popular band that scouted the borders between guitar-rock and ethnic music. On the first half of this acclaimed Smash album you can enjoy the very unique atmosphere that has been created by blending flamenco and late Sixties rock music a catchy rhythm and a flower power climate with wah-wah guitar and cheerful flamenco vocals In a few tracks guitarplayer Gualberto plays flamenco on the Indian sitar, very special to hear! I am sure that this music will not please many progheads, but those who love flamenco music will have a good time with this CD.

    Smash was not too many commercial successes, perhaps "The Garrotín" is their best known song. The group disbanded in 1973.
    Unfortunately early death in 1979 the vocalist Julio Matito(perishes in a car crash the day after, that broke the promising trajectory and aspirtations of this historic andalusian band) ended the possible meeting of the assembly. Innovators from a historical perspective, a forgotten group that contributed much to the Spanish music.

    Gualberto Garcia: Guitar, Sitar
    Antonito Rodriguez "Smash": Drums, Percussion and Vocals
    Henrik Michael Liebgott: Guitar, Violin and Vocals
    Julio Matito: Bass, Flute and Voice
    Manuel Molina: Spanish Guitar Tab (​​Since 1971)

    Miusic which Smash create is compare to Moody Blues and Vanilla Fudge psychodelic mood. Through guitar style of Manuel Molina we hear evident flamenco touch, applying on traditional "palos" (tarantos). The leader Gualberto has recorded a few progressive albums with Ricardo Mino, mixing Hindu music to conventional Spanish flamenco guitar works.

  3. Now for the multinational fichados Phillips, the company decided to record the first LP Smash. Its title, "Glorieta de los Lotos", refers to the site of Seville's Maria Luisa park where both members of the band, as friends and other musicians would gather to spend evenings musical and spiritual liberation, fluctuating between the aroma sensations flowers and shamanic fumes.
    A hard atypical because Gualberto barely participates in it, some disagreement among members of the band and their misgivings with the multinational, we do undertake their journey to the United States, only participating in four subjects, all of the face "A "and do not sign any such author, other than the namesake of LP, signed as Smash. The disagreement is reflected in the cover, which shows the other three members of the group and chiaroscuro blurred photograph.
    The composition of the songs alternating between psychedelic blues and pure Rock'n Roll, opens with "Forever walking" where the melodious rhythm of transmuting in principle be absolute to the psychedelic guitar thrust Gualberto; continues " Light blood, dark bleeding "a beautiful acoustic blues guitar and voice Matito July superbly crafted, in the short" Free as the little green men "follow the trails and acoustic bluesmen, is the harpsichord which in Gualberto" Tove and all that "upholds the psychedelic touch of this ballad," It's only nothing "is one of the major themes of this vinyl which has a beginning by paths of Blues turns sharply towards paths rockers with guitars fully wonderful, rest with the dream "Glorieta de los Lotos" letter protest of the persecution of the manes in peace in the blues "Nazarin again" July Matito Dylan is transmuted into Seville and Henrik violin sound fills the composition reminiscent of folk; " Love Millionaire "was the theme chosen to launch in single, although in the" B "side of it, next to a topic," Well, You Know "from the second LP in the face "A", and the acoustic guitar he walks the paths psychedelic, completely revolve "Sitting on the truth" where the presence of Jimi Hendrix is ​​notorious debauchery of voice, bass and drums give way to insistent guitar of delirium, undoubtedly the highlight of the album, "Ottenos" Sonetto backwards is just that, an experiment recording backwards that subject and presented in earlier single, the instrumental "Ahimsa" is a ballad where tables Indian Vedic us to the universe under cover of acoustic guitars, to complete some of the intricacies of the recording studio in "Rock and Roll", the group on how to play and dialectic, between runs, the final full track sounding like his behalf.
    In short, a splendid job where Smash is unleashed in a freshness that you will be missed in his career, although here the Flemish absent, or perhaps because of it.
    by: Manuel Corrales SCOTA

  4. Greatttttt, fantastic spanish band.


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