Nektar: Complete Live In New York 1974 (2011 Remaster) [FLAC]

Artist: Nektar

Album: Complete Live In New York 1974
Genre: Symphonic Progressive/Space Rock
Year: 2011
Country: Germany/England
Label/Catalog: Cleopatra Records / CLP 6538

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Antes tarde do que nunca! Finalmente os álbuns 'Nektar Live In New York' e 'More Live Nektar In New York' foram - mais do que remasterizados - organizados em um único álbum, cujas faixas também foram colocadas na ordem correta. Os dois álbuns juntos continham a gravação completa do show do Nektar em Nova York, em 1974, durante a primeira turnê da banda nos Estados Unidos, dado o sucesso e a repercussão do álbum 'Remember The Future' naquele país. O show até teve transmissão ao vivo da rádio WNEW-FM e com certeza marcou o Nektar em sua melhor fase.

A gravação, além de bem feita, foi inteiramente remasterizada a partir das fitas master e soa muito melhor do que foi prensado nos vinis originais. Em outras palavras, extremamente essencial pra qualquer fã do Nektar.

Better late than never! Finally the 'Nektar Live In New York' and 'More Live Nektar In New York' were - more than remastered - compiled into one release, whose tracks were also organized in the correct order. The two albums together contained the full recording of Nektar live in New York City, in 1974, during their first US tour, given the success and repercussion of 'Remember The Future' album on that country. The concert was even broadcast live by WNEW-FM radio and certainly captured Nektar on their golden age.

The recording, in despite of being well captured, was entirely remastered from the multi-track master tapes and sounds far better than what was pressed on the original vinyls. In other words, extremely essential for any Nektar fan.

Recorded at Academy Of Music, New York City, United States, on September 28th 1974

Disc 1
01 Introduction
02 Astral Man
03 Remember The Future, Part 1
04 Marvelous Moses
05 It's All Over / Good Day
06 That's Life
07 Show Me The Way
Disc 2
01 A Day In The Life Of A Preacher
02 Desolation Valley
03 Remember The Future, Part 2 (Tomorrow Never Comes)
04 Remember The Future, Part 2 (Recognition)
05 Crying In The Dark / Kind Of Twilight
06 What Ya Gonna Do?
07 Medley: Johnny B. Goode / Sweet Little Rock & Roller / Blue Suede Shoes / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
08 Fidgety Queen

Roye Albrighton - guitars, vocals
Allan Freeman - keyboards, moog, vocals
Derek Moore - bass, vocals
Ron Howden - drums, percussion

Originally and separetely released as 'Nektar Live In New York' (Bacillus Records BLS 5557) in 1977 and as 'More Live Nektar In New York' (Bacillus Records BAC 2058) in 1978.



  1. The band which is my favorite for years ....
    I've written about this album, almost a year ago on the blog Between...
    This type of music is particularly close to me, although I like other forms of music from this period, but this tune makes me happy, very happy.

    Special limited edition Label: Cleopatra New 2CD remastering reissue in a box set combines the original Live In New York and More Live In New York on September 28, 1974,into one coherent set. This is the famous gig from the Academy Of Music The fact that this was Nektar’s first tour of the USA, and that this show was broadcast over the radio thanks to New York’s WNEW-FM (then THE radio station for rock music), helped make this show all the more memorable, but how about the music? Well, many of their early classics were played, and even some tunes from the just released Down to Earth album, and the soon to be released Recycled.
    This here’s the complete concert, every last breath of it, sounding better than ever , with wonderful digi-pack packaging to boot. Dive in Nektar lovers, and savor the results!
    The first CD contains a scorching rendition of part one of “Remember the Future”, perhaps the best ever live version available of this song, with Roye Allbrighton’s guitar work really shining throughout, as well as Taff Freeman’s keyboard playing. There’s the bouncy and fun “Astral Man” from the Down to Earth album, as well as the proggy tunes “Marvellous Moses” and “It’s All Over”, both in their early incarnations before they made their album debuts the following year on Recycled. Fans of the hard rock sounds heard on …Sounds Like This will enjoy the bombastic riffs of “Good Day” (aah, that classic guitar & organ combo) , powerfully performed here, and including an especially passionate vocal delivery from Allbrighton. This disc closes with two more numbers from the Down to Earth album, “That’s Life” and “Show Me the Way”, the former an aggressive rocker that is fueled by Allbrighton’s insistant guitar riffs and the driving rhythm section of bassist Mo Moore and drummer Ron Howden, the latter a more melodic piece that uncovers many layers and styles of the band.
    CD 2 kicks off with the heavy rock of “A Day in the Life of the Preacher”, a song from the …Sounds Like This album that hints at a slight nod to contemporaries like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep with its muscular guitar work, raging Hammond organ, and wailing vocals. A Tab in the Ocean’s brilliant “Desolation Valley” follows, echoing all sorts of powerful and majestic nuances, only to segue into part two of “Remember the Future”, with Freeman ripping into a nimble solo that starts on the Moog, and then moves to Hammond, while Allbrighton lays down some funky rhythm guitar licks. Closing out this disc is the mind-numbing “Crying in the Dark/King of Twilight”, which kick off the encores that also include “Woman Trouble” and a 50′s medley that also has Down to Earth’s “Fidgety Queen” thrown in for good measure. It’s an exhaustive and exhilarating experience, and with the exception of missing out on Mick Brockett’s light show, you feel as if you were there in attendance back in 1974.
    Quite simply, this is one of the best live albums you can get your hands on, I’m sure the experience can be even more fulfilling. Take it away, the old Nektar classics from the 1970′s, in the version Live.

  2. Ha Adam, Nektar is a huge, huge favorite of mine, one of the all-time favorites. Don't miss this, this is a great issue.

  3. This one was quite tough to find! It is unavailable even on the Russian tracker. I'm happy that you all enjoy it =D

  4. @micose NOT TRUE fellow; there is a copy of mine all arroun on the web,
    as here below;

    1. That's where I've taken it! I can just thank you for your generosity for sharing this. And I meant about the RuTracker as I tried to look it up there and couldn't find it.

  5. @micose:I confirm he was first on the Russian torrent, and Demonoid ... but I can understand because not everyone can look in there (you need to get an invitation) later on Russian blogs like my sister is rightly points out and as I have said beginning my comment almost a year ago, my sister posted it on his blog, "Between Hell and Heaven" LOL

    1. If it was available on RuTracker, that must have been a long time ago, and I didn't signed up there by invitation... But, anyway, this Nektar album I've found at Lossless Galaxy, as I said above. =)

    2. Cool that have suffered glove ... and the explanation!

  6. Apesar de toda a discussão dos outros coments, só tenho a agradecer a vc Micose, como fã do Nektar.....
    Vc esta postando albuns muito bons no Bordel, valeu pelo esforço!

    1. Diga aí Rogério
      Esse aí do Nektar é só uma parte. Ainda tenho outro ao vivo no Roundhouse também de 1974 pra postar, com a gravação original completa e remasterizada.

  7. hello there,
    it is not possible to download in free mode
    please can you split the file?
    thanks for nektar, best band in this style
    greetings from berlin

    1. Hi,
      Yes it is possible to download the file on free mode. I tried and did it successfully. Maybe it's just a matter of refreshing the page.
      I usually don't use to split the files to save my time and everybody's time rather than waiting too much to upload or download a single file.
      Thanks and best regards.

  8. thanks a lot for this rare work

  9. Thank-you VERY much! Greatly appreciated.

  10. Hi!
    Could you repost this gem please ?
    Thanks a lot!



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