Granmax - A Ninth Alive (1976, US, 70`s hardrock, Panama Rec. vinyl rip, single flac + cue, artwork)

Omaha, Nebraska was home to 70's hard rock quartet Granmax. Formed in early 1975, the band gained quite a bit of exposure throughout the midwest which culminated in the release of "A Ninth Alive" on Pacific Records in 1976. By the end of the year, the band signed with Panama Records and their debut was reissued to reasonable success in the region. The band tirelessly gigged throughout the midwest for nearly two years, picking up slots on numerous tours before the addition of frontman, Nick Christopher.

Revived and rejuvenated, the band entered the studio in early 1978 to record their sophomore album, "Kiss Heaven Goodbye". With a clearly harder edged sound, the band once again saturated the midwest with promotional gigs and a full tour, but audiences just weren't biting. The band returned to the studio to cut a third album, but things began to unravel during the sessions and Granmax came to a screeching halt before it could be completed. The post breakup activities of the members is unknown.

One listen to this album and you'll be scratching your head wondering why there's so much fervor over Granmax. Most likely it is due to their legendary followup album from 1978, as this release is a rather pedestrian exercise in one dimensional hard rock. Sure the musicianship is tight enough and the production isn't all that horrible, but the songwriting is terribly unoriginal and plodding. The average vocals do virtually nothing to help either. To their credit, there are many ideas that begin so well, only to fall flat by their conclusion. Ranging from hard boogie to folk rock to proto metal, Granmax never quite manage to manifest their ideas into anything memorable. However, since their 2nd album seems to get all of the attention online, it's only fair to offer up this relic for your judgement.

side one:
A1.Take You Away
A2.U.S. Is Coming Around
A3.Crumbling Towers
A4.Bankers Bar
A5.Find A New Day
side two:
B1.Out On The Tide
B2.Ceiling Wall
B3.Glitter Boots Booogie
B4.Let Me Know
B5.Letters To Myself

Granmax - Take You Away

Tim McCorkle - bass and vocals
Steve Meyers - lead guit and vocals
Lewis McCorkle - drums

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link: 250 mb/file



  1. The Granmax - originally a trio this little-known band emerged in 1975 in Omaha,Nebraska, with a sound labeled by some as pre-heavy metal they had throughout the Midwest 70's act, debuting in 1976 with album 'A Ninth Alive' Original Pressed on white vinyl Label:Pacific PRS 1001- Produced by Chris Fritz - Recorded at Liberty Sound ,reissued on Label:Panama Records this record shows a basic hard rock, with a sound looser, perhaps even more amateur, but with good passes. For two years are on tour promoting this album. In 1978 they decide to incorporate a band frontman Nick Christopher in to expand, their sound and a full team they enter the studio to record his new work "Kiss Heaven Goodbye." The tone of voice Nick is a watershed for those who hear the Granmax, some people do not like it and some people find that it determines the uniqueness of the sound in relation to this band is the difference of opinion and conflicts that cause their sound in listeners, is practically a love-hate relationship (I think particularly great! rs!). This album is considered the best of the Granmax short career, with more speed, riffs, acoustic passages and other heavier, good songs, this disc fell in love from critics and the public that often gets the long-lost-classic accolades
    With this work they go on tour, attend major shows sharing the stage with giants of the time as Rush, Kansas, Ted Nugent, R.E.O.Speedwagon, Eddie Money, Bob Seger, just to name a few. among others. After saturating their touring schedule, then decide to go into the studio and record a third album, due to disagreements arose during the recording sessions would never be finished and the band would end their activities.
    Like many a band over the years, Granmax is indeed one of those gone-but-not-quite-forgotten bands that 70's fans should track down That's right folks, now is with you! Go pros links, listen to the records and decide which side are love or hate! Until rs ...

    Gigic my friend!,many thanks ... great job,vinyl rip!

    Steve Myers now works for Gibson Guitars.

    Nick Christopher (aka Chaz Nikias)now lives in Phoenix, AZ and continues to write and sing. Check out Chaz's website at for more information.

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    BÖCido - SP

  3. This album is real gem, 100 times better that their second album , i have also the original LP of "A ninth Alive".

    PS: your fucking code for leave a message in order to prove that i am not a robot break me the balls!!!!


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