Budgie: Bydgoszcz 1982.08.03 (EX- AUD Master) {Historic Bootleg} [FLAC]


Review by Adamus67 who attended the concert with a bunch of friends:

"It's hard to believe today, but in 1982 a heavy rock band broke the Iron Curtain for the first time ever (it was Communism in Poland) and played concerts in my country, and in addition in Bydgoszcz, my home town. I remember this event very well and the tickets were expensive, but people were so hungry for the music that tickets sold out in the blink of an eye. At that time I was still on school and wasn't earning my own money. A large group of young people gathered all around the fence and started to push it away, despite the police protection... I got beaten by the batons over my head, and in fact throughout my whole body, but managed to get away from them (they didn't capture me, I was faster than a hurricane... LOL). It was a great day! I will never forget it!"

"This bootleg was registered using a portable tape recorder and a microphone by my older colleagues (I was 15 back then). Another friend later did the remastering and transfered it to CD-R. What was surprising was that Shelley was very surprised to know that there is a recording of this concert. He received the first copy of it as a gift after some concert later in the 2000s."

The 1982 Polish tour in the words of Burke Shelley...

“When we found out we’d been booked to go we were like: ‘Are you mad?’ [...] There’d been a lot of unrest, folks rising up against the oppressive communist regime and martial law was on the streets. The government set up goon squads called ZOMOs, thugs with licences basically, to go out and bash anyone who dissented. I remember looking out the hotel window over Victory Square in Warsaw and asking someone what the thousands of lit candles strewn around the place were for [...] They told me they were to commemorate all the people killed – it really brought home the reality of the situation [...] They (the ZOMOs) were swiping at the crowd with their batons, they beat the hell out of one fan, our photographer too. I’ll never forget our drummer Steve Williams, he was so brave, went to the front of the stage with an interpreter and calmed them down. He told them he understood they had problems but that we should all stop mucking about and just rock, you know? [...] There were thousands there, party officials jumping up and down, soldiers throwing their hats in the air, it was mental [...] There’d be Stasi-like spies backstage and on the tour bus with us. They definitely had a file on us.”

(Source: WalesOnline.co.uk)

...and in the words of Steve Williams

"It was indeed the most extraordinary tour we'd ever embarked on and none of us had any idea of the incredible reaction we would get from Polish audiences. I look back now with bitter sweet memories of that time. The shows were amazing and we were treated like royalty but at the same time Polish people were fighting for the freedoms we took for granted. All around us there was an air of hope tinged with an age old fear of authority that made me sad and angry at the same time. It took me many months to get over those feelings when we returned home but I was so glad we'd been privileged enough to play to what was, and still is, one of the best rock audiences in the world [...] I remember all the shows as if it was yesterday! As I said the reaction we got was incredible. We played to large crowds who were eager to hear live rock music and who totally blew us away at each gig by singing along to all the songs. We've done more tours than I can count but those two weeks in 1982 will always be the most memorable [...] We were playing an open air show and the security, even for those days, was way over the top. People were being beaten back from the front of the stage and fights were breaking out everywhere. One fight in particular spilled over onto the stage with a guy from the crowd being beaten up right next to the band by around a dozen security guards. We stopped playing and left the stage. There was no doubt if the situation didn't improve we would have a riot on our hands and people were going to get badly injured. The noise from the crowd was deafening and even the Zomo's were getting nervous. Somebody had to do something so I got our Polish interpreter and walked out onto the stage. With his help I managed to quiet everyone down and explain how difficult it would be for Budgie to finish the show without order being restored. Unbelievably that's exactly what happened. The security backed off and the show restarted and what a show it turned out to be. What could have been a total disaster, caused not by the audience but the security guys, became an unforgettable day to rival any on the tour."

(Source: Hard Rock Service)


Amfiteatr Zawisza
Bydgoszcz, Poland

01 Introduction (2:43)
02 Forearm Smash (6:07)
03 Crime Against The World (5:33)
04 Napoleon Bona Part One (3:31)
05 Napoleon Bona Part Two (4:17)
06 Truth Drug (5:32)
07 I Turned To Stone (6:20)
08 Superstar (4:44)
09 Panzer Division Destroyed (6:33)
10 She Used Me Up (4:17)
11 Wild Fire (3:02)
12 Breadfan (9:16)
13 Zoom Club (9:52) [Bonus Track - St. Louis 1976]

Burke Shelley - bass, vocals
John Thomas - guitars
Steve Williams - drums

Recorded and edited by: Andrzej Janczak
Uploaded by: hawkwind

Source: Audience
Taping Gear: Unknown Recorder + Unknown Microphone
Lineage: Analog Master > Unknown Digital Transfer > Unknown Digital Editing > CD-R > EAC > FLAC




  1. Yeah...August 3 been exactly 30 years after a performance in Bydgoszcz Welsh hard rock band Budgie, in 1982 (and you have to remember this was a time of martial law) their tour of Poland was really a real highlight. In the hot, August day Zawiszy amphitheater filled to the brim and even more, a lot of people tried to enter the concert without a ticket (because simply they were gone-sold out), many of them got to the pile of (militia), the concert was twice interrupted (below talks about Steve Williams, and one of those people who was on stage, I was me) ... oh yes it was an amazing musical treat.
    All the events of the evening can be heard on the album.
    Musically, the material is the same as the album, "We came, we saw ..." but Bydgoszcz concert is a big plus:this the atmosphere and the audience (unrepeatable)
    When announcing the concert Tomasz Tłuczkiewicz yells: "For the first time in Poland!" ... The audience responds, " last". "Not traveled as out of here," a girl calls out: 'It is beautiful'
    Possibility to listen to these voices (often offensive) allows way to record sound:in the middle public. When one listens to the headphones, you may have felt like moving back in time about 30 years old and I watched this live show again, after the middle of the raging crowd.

    Top music fragmety a performance is without a doubt the song'' I turned to stone'' and'' older well known Napoleon Bona'' and "Breadfan"
    I know that a lot of people mention the concert in nostalgia,and good that 'saw the daylight' This unofficial record of this event!

    You have to remember that in those times , in the country, "closed to the West" had a particular meaning as well as music ROCK ... was something more than it is today.

    Greetings from Poland (Bydgoszcz)....to all Rock On .

    1. It surely must have been an unforgettable concert! You can easily notice the atmosphere of the concert listening to this recording. I just hope that Budgie one play come to play here in Brazil.

      Btw, I know there's also a live audience recording in Łódź from the same tour, but never could find it.

    2. link is dead.fix it please.

    3. links are dead.fix em please

  2. Thanks a lot man for another great post of rock history.


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