Group Therapy - 37 minutes (1969, US, soulypsychrock, Philips vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR8, artwork)

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GROUP THERAPY was a New York Rock band founded in 1966 by singer Ray Kennedy. The other musicians were Art Del Gudico (Gitarre), Jerry Guida (Keyboard), Tommy Burns (Schlagzeug) and Michael Lamont (Schlagzeug). GROUP THERAPY had some success in 1968 when they accompanied MOBY GRAPE on their Great Britain tour. Given the time and place of recording, it seems likely that organist Jerry Guida's tape-replay work is Chamberlin, with a clicky brass part on opener Remember What You Said and a minor string part on I Must Go, leaving his coups de grâce for Wait and Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby, with full-on strings parts to rival anything else being done at the time in those (relatively) pre-Mellotron days in the States, probably comparable to Birmingham Sunday, although in a less ubiquitous manner.

Almost a classic debut is a bit better, than the 2lp pretty good.

Both albums: People Get Ready For / 37 Minutes Of -
2 lp original recordings on one 1 CD:US Digipack label:Bull's Eye - reissue 2009

Thank you so much Adam for that effort

Here’s a group which could easily emerge as one of the top record artists in the nation. Group Therapy has a distinctive sound, which is capped by excellent production. “I Must Go” is a gem of a cut and should be released as a single. Other sides such as “Remember What You Say” also reach their targets. (Billboard Magazine)

Group Therapy - Willie (1969)

side one:
A1.Remember What You Said
A3.River Deep, Mountain High
A4.A Very Happy Day
A5.I Got To Live
side two:
B1.Can't Stop Lovin' You Baby
B2.I Must Go
B3.Cheer Up Baby
B5.I Can't Believe It

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link: 260 mb/file | 3 % recovery


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