Änglagård: Viljans Öga (2012) [FLAC]

Artist: Änglagård

Album: Viljans Öga
Genre: Symphonic Progressive Rock
Year: 2012
Country: Sweden
Label/Catalog: Änglagård Records/ANG03CD

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Após 18 anos sem trazer nenhuma novidade, o Änglagård, uma das mais célebres bandas progressivas suecas, marca a sua volta com um álbum de estúdio inteiramente inédito lançado em junho deste ano. A fórmula musical da banda ainda perdura neste álbum, sendo assim você pode esperar algo na mesma excelência dos dois primeiros álbuns, mas que também não deve absolutamente nada a eles.

After 18 years completely absent of any news, Änglagård, one of the most praised Swedish progressive bands, marks their return with a completely brand-new studio album released on June this year. The band's own musical formula is still present on this album, hence you can expect something in the very same excellence of the first two albums, which are just as great as this latest one.

01 Ur Vilande (15:47)
02 Sorgmantel (12:06)
03 Snårdom (16:15)
04 Längtans Klocka (13:22)

Mattias Olsson - drums, percussion, noises
Johan Brand - bass, taurus
Thomas Johnson - pianos, mellotrons, synthesizers
Jonas Engdegård - guitars
Anna Holmgren - flute, saxophone




  1. Rogerio M Schirach8 de agosto de 2012 18:02

    Este é de download obrigatório.......Valeu, esta banda é muito boa...
    Mande lembranças praquela biscate velha, ou seria velha biscate??????????

  2. Wow! A new Anglagard! A pleasant surprise.

  3. Swedish Änglagård down in history of progressive rock in the early '90s, when there is such formations as Anekdoten or Landberk tried, moreover, quite successfully, to revive the spirit of classic works of species, showing a close years of musical sensitivity '70s, and sounds composed by himself presenting using traditional, typical of classic prog rock instrumentation. The two issued at the time by a team of studio discs have been adopted enthusiastically, permanently entered the canon of rock neo prog. This year, eighteen years after a second studio album Änglagård like your new album.
    The return of this type of music rather wait with enthusiasm, after all, Änglagård belongs to such groups, which due to the short period of activity have not been able to give ourselves the opportunity to discount the artistic form, propose a very satisfactory material, and thus the public's mind, although still a team "with the top shelf. " The fact that this time the music was high, contrary to appearances, however, does not facilitate the evaluation album ...

    Yes, fans of music from the "Hybris" and "Epilogue" certainly can be satisfied. Änglagård in the form of four kilkunastominutowych instrumental music track offers equally exciting, as the recordings from the 90s Complex in composition, convincingly in "the classical" approach to the genre, where the need for aggressive and complicated, lyrically elsewhere. You can hear that eighteen years off in the non-deprived Swedes features true professionals, they presented the music begs the label of "racial", devoid of naivety progressive rock.

    Raptures flowing toward "Viljans crew" will be floated and the swift stream, you can not hide, can be justified. So why the doubt as to the assessment, which to the above must be unambiguous? The basic charge for the disc is in the ... same principle on which he based his operations team already Änglagård its inception twenty years ago. This group, which is a kind of musical time machine, trying to move a modern audience in a specific moment in the history of rock music, after eighteen years has done absolutely nothing to even slightly alter its course. Progrockowy "classicism" Swedes sounds as if a teenage creative break had not taken place. While twenty years ago it sounded convincing, here the recipient aware of the previous accomplishments of formation may feel unpleasantly surprised by the lack of freshness of the ordinary ... Unrelated to the recipient with a special fondness his former achievements of the team's new album is rather disappointing. Because even the Änglagård, whose idea of ​​a musical journey through time, one would require signs of artistic development, especially after so many years of absence, which in this case should rather be summarized as artistic hibernation.
    @ micose: As always, thanks for sharing

  4. Thanx for your love of progressive rock and your GREAT blog. this is true treasure, Peace & Love from solarmusicfreak.

  5. Nice review :) I'll have to check them out more now.

  6. Sensacional! Uma das minhas banda "atuais" preferidas.


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