Tentacle - The Angel Of Death (1971, UK, heavyprogpsych, SPM CDRrip, single flac + cue, log, DR 12, artwork)

*** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***

I remember t? cover, I immediately caught my attention…That album cover is out of control

The image that almost quaint portrait of two inanimate beings motivated by some sort of crazy ill, I remember one of the dialogues of Zarathustra, who argues with life, personified under the image of a woman fickle, says: “Not long ago look in your eyes oh life! And I seemed to fall into the unfathomable, but you brought me up with golden hooks, smiled mockingly when I call unfathomable … ”

Beautiful! No doubt Nietzsche is one of those characters I’ve come to admire more for the beauty of his prose by the depth of his thoughts … But Oh! To hell with Nietzsche, it is not I want to talk, but the proposal for a Scottish known as Tentacle, which released an album-demo-with one of the most special I’ve had the opportunity to listen some time ago

Excelent and obscure band of Heavy Psych from Scotland.
Psychedelia mixed with progressive elements from Scotland to the English (not Scottish) folk. Tentacle unknown band from Scotland, produced, led by Jim West… manager groups Bodkin and Soho Orange….all these bands have something in common…

They are Scottish,the recordings were made at the turn… 1971/72,all were produced by Jim West.
Originally recorded at Central Scotland Studios at Falkirk in 1970/1971.
Tentacle are playing fine guitar rock on the high level similar to Morly Grey, Dark, Janus,T.2.
Tentacle were a little known psych/hard rock band from Scotland that managed to eke out one album in their day, Angel of Death released in 1971. This rare German CD contains, built…”Wonderfully morose scottish rock with some flowery, folk-derived, electric guitar work and heavy bits that don’t get too loutish. Musically it is very close to T2 and Bachdenkel (especially the 20-minute suite), Opened up with oddly minimalistic, almost hypnotic “My Destiny – My Faith” running for twenty minutes the album creates eerie but compelling atmosphere begins with two guitars in harmony funeral almost every note an odor of death in an emotional atmosphere, folk, voice gives a melancholy and together they create an intimate piece, twenty minutes of paralysis where no tricks, just passion for the instruments despite what some are easier than it sounds, because in essence we are dealing with an unfinished project, which in the particular sound reminds me of Janus and the great atmosphere of its main theme:”Gravedigger”
… So, that cadaverous friend who wants to see realized their dreams in the warm breasts of a woman can only seduced knees while she wanton indifference, shy and despotic shown unfathomable. That is the comedy between life and death, enjoy it!
It is one of those albums that at first don’t seem vibrant but they haunt you for a long while after the last song is over…ends with a 30-second Epitaph. Between them are three songs are more psychedelic than close to progressive is a morose and dynamic album with epic, songs, just as you start to grow a bit weary of the vibes,. It is a pity that it takes just 37:46.
Angel of Death is a morose and dynamic album with epic, songs, just as you start to grow a bit weary of the vibes, The Angel of Death is a strange one, the sound is very good…
Yeah i’d go as far as saying 1971 was the greatest year of all-time for music never to be matched before & definitely after thoughts on this Tentacle gem…five track: riff/melody stuck in my head.
Thank you so much Adam for that effort

That cover has your curiosity piqued, does it not? Tentacle were a little known psych/hard rock band from Scotland that managed to eke out one album in their day, Angel of Death released in 1971. Angel of Death is a morose and dynamic album with epic, sprawling songs. Just as you start to grow a bit weary of the hippie ren-faire vibe, Tentacle has a way of lurching into some choice blotter riffage to remind you why Angel of Death merited such a fucked up album cover.

Okay, that sleeve is fucking creepy. A skeleton with a wig on feeling the boob of a showroom dummy? What stoned freak though that concept up? Musically we have total UK gloom rock, like Atomic Rooster battling Dark for most depressive band ever. Playing is sloppy, recording is marginal, this is a very weird record, indeed. Some of it (mosty the side long track) can be amazingly heavy, most of the song structures on the shorter tracks are just plain odd. I need to spin it a few more times to "get" what the fuck is going on with it, so we'll say 3.5 for now, but that may change.
(~rateyourmusic) by cirithungol

Tentacle - The Angel Of Death

1.My Destiny - My Faith 20:19
2.Thoughts 5:45
3.Tentacle 3:42
4.The Angel Of Death 7:30
5.Epitaph 0:30

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link: 213 mb/file | 3 % recovery



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  2. I didn't knew this record, that is excellent and can be compared with Soho Orange reissued by the same label (or issued, because i don't know if there was a original press in that period ). I don't remember seeing it, the cover art would attract my attention, even if unlike to the angel of death i prefer women in flesh than plastic (or wax) dolls.

    PS: if File Factory is not the best server, IT WORKS and without registration (even free). Ok, the links are often use, and you must often retry several times to download,in different moments, but don't forget that this remains more easy and more fast than purchase the original copy. My last order on the web took more than 14 days, and you know what?. I am delighted.

    Thanks a lot for the sharing,Gigic 2255.

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  5. I am really looking forward to hearing this!!!

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