Roger Dean: Views (1975) {1978 Minutemen-Penner Repress} [JPEG]

Author: Roger Dean

Title: Views
Pages: 157
Year: 1975
Country: England
Publisher: Minutemen-Penner (1978 Repress)

Format: JPEG

Antigamente, nos tempos em que computador ainda era coisa de ficção-científica, a única maneira de se ouvir música era passando fome no intervalo do colégio para juntar uns trocados e assim ir à loja de discos muitas vezes comprar algum justamente pela capa. Certamente que as capas feitas por Roger Dean já seduziram muitas pessoas, bem como as fizeram descobrir algumas bandas menos conhecidas. Eis que hoje temos o primeiro livro de Roger Dean, publicado em 1975, que mostra muito do seu trabalho como artista e designer até então. Já é sabido que ele ganhou reconhecimento internacional pelas capas que ele fez para o Yes, tendo também feito alguns para o Osibisa, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Gun, Greenslade e muitas outras. Portanto, este livro é a melhor maneira de conhecer os primeiros trabalhos de Roger Dean e deve ser visto por todos os fãs de rock setentista.

A long time ago when computers were still sci-fi stuff, the only way to listen to music was staying hungry during breaktimes at school in order to earn some coins and then to go to the record shop and from time to time buy a record just by its cover. Roger Dean's covers certainly have seduced many people, as well as they made them discover many nice and obscure bands. So, today we have Roger Dean's first book, originally published in 1975, which shows much of his work as an artist and design by then. It's already known that he earned international recognizement for the covers he'd done for Yes, having also made for other bands like Osibisa, Budgie, Uriah Heep, Gun, Greenslade, and so on. Therefore, this book is the best way to meet Roger Dean's early works and should be seen by all 70s rock fans.



  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great post!!!

  2. THX a bunch for sharing this..

  3. Thanks a lot for this great post, micose. This is a pleasure for the eyes and the mind. Roger Dean was a genie, and made so much cover artwork for rock music, not only for the progressive music, i was thinking of the full inside gatefold cover of Rare Earth "One World" (Ok, this is not its best design, but worth the look).
    I'm surprised to see the number of press of his book, first edition Sept. '75: 60000 copies, Second edition Feb. '76: 30000 copies, third edition Sept. '76 : 60000 copies. Nowadays, it would be a best seller.
    It's right that in this period there wasn't internet, TV was almost without interest, so nothing better than read a book, listen music, and make love with his girlfriend (that is still possible today, but one council, made ​​sure that she can not read your messages or mailbox, it will solve many problems).
    It is weird, because i just discover on my library a book of Peter Jones, edition 1980, another sci-fi designer. I don't think he made cover artwork for rock music,and don't tell me why i purchased this book, but it is very good too.
    Greetings from France!

    1. Wow, Peter Andrew Jones's work is stunning! I didn't know his work before. Thanks a lot for the tip!

  4. Fala Micose, tudo beleza?

    Os trabalhos do Roger Dean são fantásticos. Um gênio na arte de idealizar e ilustrar cenários impressionantes.

    Meus agradecimentos por compartilhar este belo material.

    Grande Abraço


    1. Diga aí, Ivo.
      Os trabalhos dele são realmente surreais e é uma grande pena que os acadêmicos não dão a mínima bola para artistas como ele. Vou ver se encontro mais livros dele por aí pra postar aqui no blog.

  5. Hi micose,my friend great post! ... Hands themselves made up the applause! :D
    An English artist, designer, architect, and publisher. He is best known for his work on posters and album covers for musicians, which he began painting in the late 1960s. The covers often feature exotic, fantasy landscapes. His work has sold more than sixty million copies world-wide, and his fantasy landscapes seem to have inspired those used in the film Avatar.

    The first two volumes chronicling the unique art and design of Roger Dean met with huge critical and popular success. Views (1975) went straight to number one in the Sunday Times bestseller list and went on to sell over a million copies. Magnetic Storm (1984) sold over 650,000 copies. These new editions, reworked to accompany the publication of the third book in the trilogy, Dragon's Dream, showcase the instantly recognizable work of Roger Dean.

    Dragon's Dream also happens to be the first publishing company started by Roger Dean and his brother. But here, Dragon's Dream is his third long awaited art book, published in 2008, after the success of Views (1975) and Magnetic Storm (1984) which sold cumulatively more than a million copies.

    It's a pretty inspirational book for those who like his style, recommended more for sci-fi and fantasy artists.
    all the best!
    Best Regards,

  6. Wow, it is so amazing, thanks Micose!!!

  7. Show de bola bro. O bagulho ainda tá vindo no download mas já to babando de curiosidade. Detalhe: Nunca curti muito o YES mas confesso que o Relayer so comprei por causa da capa do importado !!!!

    ROCK ON !!!

  8. Thanks Micose - I grew up with this artwork and it has had a huge influence on my musical direction - how could anyone not be inquisitive to hear the music lay behind any of the Yes covers.
    And thanks to the amazing cover on Budgie's biggest album (NTYBOAF), I heard this band for the first time back in '74 and have never looked back.
    Simply put, Roger Dean's artwork has changed my life - and I thank him

  9. Thank you very much.


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