Taste Of Blues - Schizofrenia (1969, Swe, bluesy psychrock, Garageland Record vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR10, artwork)

*** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***

The real “Psycho Monster”. Swedish psychedelic underground classic late – 60 of these to measure team debut: International Harvester, Mack Mecki Men and Panta Rei, just a little detail … they did not gained the international recognition of That bands, they stay in the underground circuit but they sounds like nobody! The formation from Malmo …This is Swedish psychedelic underground late ’60s – that should do it as a recommendation. It is worth checking Taste of Blues even for the legendary, the first song, which is an epic journey lasting seventeen minutes in the company of cosmic sounds, brass, absolutely mega-groove’?cych rhythms, with the parties Farfisa organs, violins, flute, saxophone with guitar solos, unconventional game for its time, a little sound of the German krautrock with Eastern motifs Laced an amazing hypnotic psychedelic workout with similarities to Germany’s CAN at Their Peak … swirling buzzing head-trips overlayed by throbbing pulsating rhythms and steady drumming beats …ah Vodoo hypnotic spell: A metronomic journey full of Hawaiian guitar sounds, spacey effects, groovy jazz-sax, flutes … and the weight of the instruments which I can not even call..in short, a hysterical and apocalyptic go-go dance, not to be missed

I love the feeling of drummer on the album, and I think of the many pieces you can cut perfect loops for hip-hop bits. Let me also mention the great organ Hammonda, because that is precisely what most often digs gourd in music of the era.

The only person who knows the English was a black American, Don Washington, which gives the production a little negro, soulowego taste (especially in the interpretation of the song Another Kind of Love, which the original was played by John Mayhalla) perfectly fit into the psychedelic band the burden of one album which was released in Denmark in 1969 Produced by Borje Nilsson..is certainly hard enough to find, the 42 + original on the small SSR Records (SSRLP 501) goes fore a fortune ($ 800 +) … reproduction on Garage Land Records 634

Pity that the duration of the LP is only 32:59
Drummer (P.Erixson) and organist (C.Ericsson) performed later in the band Asoka …. [C.Ericsson and 70's band Lotus.]
Thank you so much Adamus67 for that effort

Their album belongs to the pure underground psychedelic sixties cult classics of Sweden, along with (International) Harvester and Mecki Mark Men. The title track on their album Schizofrenia was one whole side of repetitive voodoo rhythms (resembling the early style of Can) with eerie Farfisa organ tones (a la Richard Wright's early style circa 1967-68), flute, violin, sax and guitar playing successive solos, both pre-planned and improvised. A spellbinding example of Swedish krautrock! The remaining tracks were more conventional and blues-based, including a version of John Mayall's "Another Kinda Love". The black American Don Washington provided the vocals. Both Ericsson later played in Asoka.

TASTE OF BLUES - What Kind Of Love Is That (1969)

side one:
A1. Schizofrenia
side two:
B1. A Touch Of Sunshine
B2. On The Road To Nidaros
B3. Another Kinda Love
B4. Another Mans Mind
B5. What Kind Of Love Is That

Taste Of Blues:
Robert Moller - bass
Patrik Erixson - drums
Don Washington - singer
Rolf Fredenberg - guitar
Claes Ericsson - organ, violin

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

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  1. Can you please reupload this lossless copy, it's the the only lossless posting i could find & considering how deeply fantastic & rare this release is ; i would be very grateful to it. Thank you very much.

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  6. sadly that vinyl copy is no longer available, remastered CD version has pretty high compression level...



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