T2 – T.2. (UK-70`s, progpsychrock, Essex vinyl rip, single flac + cue, DR8, artwork)

*** Reviewed by great fellow Adamus67 ***

Peter Dunton (drums, lead vocals and songs) left the Gun to join up with Keith Cross (guitar and keyboards) and Bernard Jinks (bass), both from Bulldog Breed. They soon found a strong musical rapport and, after less than a week of rehearsals, they started a residency at a club in London's West End.
By their third gig, the club was packed, and the producers from four major record companies and three TV and Radio programmes were there to check them out. This led to a recording deal with Decca Records, the release of "It'll All Work Out In Boomland" and several TV and radio appearances later in the year.
It seemed that nothing was left after the band - and what a surprise! In 1998 the British company released a CD of Essex from unpublished material, the second album! The content is simply sensational - perhaps not even better than the official album! All this works premiere. This second T2 album ''Fantasy", had it been released in 1970, could have put the band on the same level of fame with the likes of Deep Purple, Free, and King Crimson (bands with whom T2 shared a stage). It's hard-driving opener `Highway, 'ablaze with wailing guitars, gives way to moody introspection, culminating with the LSD induced finale T2.

God, what an emotion. What a musician. To think that this album did not go beyond the form of acetate, because the record company rejected the material prepared by T2.
The first album showed the band as a unique phenomenon. Three young musicians. Little experience in studio work. Seventeen exceptionally talented guitarist Keith Cross. A brilliant drummer, composer and singer in one person, that is, Peter Dunton. Equally great bassist Bernard Jinks. Word of monolith. Everyone (especially the bassist and drummer) with some musical experience. The group, which was certainly not epigone. On the contrary, talent, imagination, sense of style rock and executive skill to shame many a contractor from the top.
Unfortunately, life is terribly unfair. Something went wrong. Again, after the case collapsed hopeless Decca Records. Although the team was a big sensation concert, but what if the label is not enough copies of the extruded 'It'll All Work Out In Boomland' by which the public had limited access to purchase the debut album. Soon after he separated from T2 Keith Cross, apparently frightened confusion about his person - was hailed as the new guitarist Eric Clapton.

But before there was a split of this great group, they managed to record the material discussed here on the second LP. As already mentioned, the record company has perhaps had hearing problems and the disc never came. That is revealed ... twenty-seven years later. Good and this is because thanks to this classic rock fans can check out this masterpiece. As a whole zgrano of acetate, in many places is heard louder or quieter szumki like the typical, ripped vinyl record. I think though that the Essex plant performed a miracle, because the recording sounds great and very clear. In fact, immediately forget about all the flaws, which they sometimes do not exist. Fantastic work done.
As for the content of music, many people say that 'Fantasy' presents an even higher level than a famous debut. In fact, without any doubt this is true. If such a thing is possible at all.
In contrast to the 'It'll All Work Out In Boomland' here we have a shorter compositions, but it is a larger load of expression. This does not mean that there was an improvisation and that is not all the dramatic twists and turns. Of course, that is all, but that closed in shorter forms. In addition, the trio introduced their music mellotron, which on the one hand the music adds dignity, on the other hand introduces an element of melancholy. Therefore, the second album is more reflective of, and so very happy in expression of the first LP... describe briefly a few selected compositions, and this is much harder for me than the vague (but written from the heart) reviews.

Without hesitation, I will show song 'Careful Sam'. Multithreaded and exceptionally beautiful recording consisting of three segments. It starts like a simple acoustic song. A very fine song. Suddenly emerges mellotron and composition turns into a full nervous tension under the skin, piercing rock assault the senses. Prym guitar leads, of course. Keith Cross in the highest degree mastered the ins and outs of the instrument. Playing with great finesse and sensitivity. After wirtuozowsku, but without the gimmicks. Instead of feeling. At the very end of the band speeds up the pace and played in unison finale excitement back to the zenith. Only six minutes to play.
This is the essence of style T2.

There are also two beautiful, ethereal, full of thoughtful ballads 'Timothy Monday' and 'The Minstrel'. The first recording, in the main part grew out of folk-rock influences, was disturbed by sudden transitions with two heavy-rock full of turmoil. The second composition was decorated with the party melotronu. Indescribable beauty. But without pathos. Without undue sentimentality. Just everything is expressed as sound.

For a variety of recordings such as 'Highway' or 'CD' have overwhelming firepower. This is a heavy-rock at its best. However, while the 'Highway' to ride without holding based on a brief electric guitar riff, while in the middle of the 'CD' appears calmer jazz theme. It is hard to imagine a better play. Sharp as a razor, and at the same melodic and original. Another thing that the group even for a moment does not spare neither himself nor the instruments.
This is a wonderful clamor is something of the poetry. But this music is like poetry. Still exciting, warm and clear sound after all those years it's like a time vehicle.
There are two recordings, but the description I am not able to. After that, let it be a total unknown, and perhaps an incentive for someone to reach for this unique album.
T2 deserves to be discovered.

Thank you so much Adam for that effort

T2 - Highway

side one:
A1. Highway
A2. Careful Sam
A3. Timothy Monday
A4. CD
A5. The Minstrel
side two:
B1. Fantasy
B2. T2

Peter Dunton - Vocals, drums, accoustic guitar, mellotron
Keith Cross - Electric guitar, electric piano
Bernard Jinks - Bass guitar

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

Link: 257 mb/file | 3% recovery



  1. Have a CD rip of this, glad to have this as well, such great material!!!


  3. Any PHOTOS of the band LIVE? or in the studio?

  4. Could you help me please!? Where I can found the lyrics of this wonderful album!?
    Is not possible in internet, not do it justice!
    Thanks in advance,


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