Gong: Live au Bataclan 1973 (1990) [FLAC]

Artist: Gong

Album: Live au Bataclan 1973
Genre: Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Progressive Rock, Jazz-Fusion
Year: 1990
Country: France
Label/Catalog: Mantra Records/MANTRA 025

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Em paralelo ao Hawkwind, o Gong foi uma das maiores e ainda é uma das mais cultuadas bandas de space rock nos anos 70. Não apenas uma banda e sim uma comuna hippie, o Gong foi formado na França em 1968 pelo australiano Daevid Allen - ex-integrante e um dos fundadores do Soft Machine - e sua esposa Gilli Smyth e tem como suas obras seminais a série 'Radio Gnome Invisible', que se consiste em três álbuns ('Flying Teapot', 'Angel's Egg' e 'You').

Este álbum ao vivo foi gravado no Bataclan, em Paris, em maio de 1973, mais ou menos coincidindo com o lançamento do 'Flying Teapot'. Certamente pode ser considerado uma ótima escolha pra quem ainda não conhece a banda por ser um show totalmente impecável, além de ser muito bem gravado. Apesar de relativamente curto, a gravação preenche o CD quase que por inteiro e merece ser ouvida de cabo a rabo.

Alongside Hawkwind, Gong was one of the leading and still is one of the most praised 70s space rock bands. Not being just as band, but also a hippie commune, Gong was founded in France in 1968 by Australian musician Daevid Allen - former and cofounding member of Soft Machine - and his wife Gilli Smyth and has as its seminal masterpieces all the albums from the 'Radio Gnome Invisible' series, which consists in three parts ('Flying Teapot', 'Angel's Egg', and 'You').

This live album was recorded at Bataclan, Paris, in May 1973, much likely to coincide with the release of 'Flying Teapot'. It may certainly be a nice choice for who still doesn't know anything of the band for being a completely outstanding performance. In despite of being relatively short, the recording nearly packs the CD to its limit and deserves to be carefully and intensively listened.

01 Introduction - Tout Va Bien (1:28)
02 Dynamite - I'm Your Animal (17:04)
03 Tic Toc (5:52)
04 Taliesin (6:58)
05 Inside Your Head (4:43)
06 You Can't Kill Me (7:04)
07 Flute Salad (4:26)
08 Pussy (5:55)
09 Radio Gnome I & II (7:00)
10 Flying Teapot (9:36)
11 Wet Drum Sandwich (Encore) (6:39)

Daevid Allen - vocals, guitars
Gilli Smyth - vocals, space whisper
Tim Blake - synthesizer
Steve Hillage - guitars
Mike Howlett - bass
Pierre Moerlen - drums
Didier Malherbe - saxophone, flute

Recorded live at Bataclan, Paris, France, on May 1973




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  3. is there Gong Live in SHEFFIELD fLAC For upload?? please
    thank you

    1. I haven't found Live in Sheffield yet, but I've also heard that it has an awful sound quality. I ought to check it out by myself.

    2. I highly doubt the remark regarding the sound quality. I have it in mp3 for several years and never noticed any flaws. Then again, I don't have a hi-fi system (meaning: Sheffield and Bataclan [which I also have in flac] albums sound all the same to me]

      Found the Sheffield album (again in mp3 format, this time better than my copy due to being encoded by EAC+LAME) among several Gong collections in isoHunt. (probably all are different combinations of the same rips; one has 16 albums, the other 17 etc.) If you care to listen, go grab it.

      Like alexgeo, I'd also appreciate a flac copy of Sheffield (along with several other Gong live/compilation stuff which are still missing)

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