Budgie: Power Supply (1980) {1993 Remaster + Bonus Tracks} [FLAC]

Artist: Budgie

Album: Power Supply
Genre: Hard Rock, Proto-Metal
Year: 1980
Country: Wales
Label/Catalog: Repertoire Records/REP 4336-WZ (1993 Reissue)

Format: FLAC (image+cue+log)

Após cerca de dois anos sem lançar nada de novo, o Budgie inaugurou a década de 80 com um novo guitarrista - John Thomas - e inesperavelmente mais forte do que nunca com o 'Power Supply', seu oitavo álbum de estúdio. Apesar de estar mais de acordo com o hard rock tradicional, principalmente com o emergente New Wave of the British Metal - que tanto foi influenciado pela banda em si - o 'Power Supply' inegavelmente deu uma grande revigorada ao Budgie e é talvez o álbum mais pesado já feito pela banda. Fãs mais conservadores naturalmente ficaram com uma má impressão do álbum, enquanto que outros conseguiram ver o quanto a banda tinha se renovado e mudado para melhor em relação ao 'Impeckable', o álbum anterior. Tamanha foi a repercussão do Budgie com esse álbum que a banda se tornou merecidamente uma das atrações principais do Reading Festival daquele ano.

Além do álbum, havia também o EP 'If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting' - cujas faixas foram incluídas nessa versão da Repertoire Records - lançado alguns meses antes do 'Power Supply' e que rendeu uma pequena turnê por 22 cidades inglesas e 3 galesas entre junho e julho de 1980. Para a turnê do 'Power Supply', o Budgie foi chamado para abrir os shows de Ozzy Osbourne, com seu recém-lançado álbum solo 'Blizzard Of Ozz', pelo Reino Unido entre setembro e outubro, com 26 datas na Inglaterra, três na Escócia e uma no País de Gales.

Enfim, é um álbum que eu particularmente considero essencial pra qualquer fã do Budgie, praticamente tanto quanto os cinco primeiros por marcar o início de uma nova - ainda que curtíssima - fase da banda.

After about two years without releasing anything new, Budgie stepped into the 80s with a new guitarrist - John Thomas - and unexpectably stronger than ever with 'Power Supply', their eighth studio album. Despite of showing some similarities with more traditional hard rock elements, especially with the then emergent New Wave of the British Metal movement - which felt very much influenced by the band itself - 'Power Supply' undeniably gave Budgie quite a reinvigoration and is probably their heaviest album ever made. Hardcore fans naturally may have got a bad first impression from the new albu, whilst others saw how much the band had improved and refreshed themselves in comparison to 'Impeckable', their previous album. So much was the repercussion with its release that the band became one of the main acts of the 1980 Reading Festival edition.

Besides the album, there was also the 'If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting' EP - whose all the tracks were included as bonus for this Repertoire reissue - released a few months before 'Power Supply', which consequently gave the band a small British tour through 22 English and 3 Welsh cities between June and July 1980. For the 'Power Supply' tour, Budgie was called in to open Ozzy's 'Blizzard Of Ozz' UK tour, his first solo album, from September to October with 26 dates in England, 3 in Scotland and one in Wales.

Anyway, this is an album that I particularly consider essential for any Budgie fan, practically as much as their first five albums for marking the beginning of a new - although very short - era for the band.

01 Forearm Smash (5:39)
02 Hellblender (3:26)
03 Heavy Revolution (4:40)
04 Gunslinger (5:02)
05 Power Supply (3:38)
06 Secrets In My Head (3:57)
07 Time To Remember (5:26)
08 Crime Against The World (5:37)
Bonus Tracks (from 'If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting' EP)
09 Wild Fire (5:10)
10 High School Girls (3:35)
11 Panzer Division Destroyed (5:53)
12 Lies Of Jim (The E-Type Lover) (4:40)

Burke Shelley - vocals, bass
Steve Williams - drums
John Thomas - guitars

'Power Supply' album was originally released as Active Records ACT LP1 in the UK in October 1980. 'If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting' EP was originally released as Active Records BUDGE 1 in the UK in July 1980.



  1. Year 1980 as one who is considered crucial for the development of NWOBHM, he could not with their events they did affect the older group, leading in the 70s, and almost instantly overshadowed by a new wave. Of course, a large crowd of old fans remained loyal to them, but BUDGIE was in England not so very popular, as it might seem. Playing a specific, sharp rock, firmly embedded in tradition, in the new reality of the British scene could fall even lower, so the team Shelley chose a risky option, but perhaps the only one that could bring at least limited commercial success - recorded with a heavy metal.

    Some signs of recovery were already heard on the EP "If Swallowed, Do Not Induce vomiting," Wild Fire - composition in the form of, a new guitarist Thomas perfectly fulfilled the conditions of a typical rower heavy metal, with his roaring guitar and a simple but energetic solos. The "Power Supply" were similar compositions, simple, energetic heavy pieces, lined rokn'n'roll, boogie and playing tougher version of the Status Quo. These songs are the opening title forearm smash and Power Supply, giving rock, melodic, aggressive for its time and live in the same performance....
    'Forearm Smash' is the most ordinary, beefed up heavy rock sound track. 'Heavy Revolution' is neither a revelation nor a revolution. Actually, the heavy blues. This definition also fits extended 'Gunslinger'. 'Hellbender' for the whole motor will be responsible who was then at the peak of fame...Judas Priest. There is actually no question of their own ideas. Boys with Budgie wade blindly into metal patterns. Hardly original, but it is a catchy riff 'Secrets In My Head', a 'Crime Against The World' is bathed AC / DC.
    Shelley not want to invent a surprising, intriguing texts, which were his specialty in the previous period. It should be emphasized that although the "Power Supply" is not a classic album to measure the achievements of Budgie, is below a certain group and not go down here...

    But BUGDIE beyond that he could maintain a climate of his old compositions, as in the sad and reflective, 'Time to Remember' odegranym and very hard metal, whether in 'Heavy Revolution', where the text is a kind of manifestation of their respect for what is in rock and metal then has. There were also attempts to imitate heavy metal band Judas Priest faces a 'Hellbender', but here it turned out that they lack the ferocity which characterized the best groups playing such music from the circle at that time.

    They could well play a showcase for melodic, but heavy in 'Crime Against the World' with the famous, highly carrier chorus, created to sing with the audience.

    Slightly disturbed by the listener in a saturated specific atmosphere, a bit difficult in the reception of 'Secrets in My Head'. Were unable to completely demolish the 'Gunslinger' played with surprisingly zeppelin opening riffs and powerful storm in the second and the amazing development of the solo, which then Thomas has never presented.
    Shelley did not endeavored to the LP of the experiments. He did his vocals, a bit harder and louder, the bass is still an important element not only in the rhythm section. Thomas played at times thrilling, as in the 'Gunslinger' or a forearm smash, and drummer Williams is loud and confident.

    The album was produced accurately and it is headlamp in the UK in 1980.... deliver four bonuses have been added, which deserves special attention 'High School Girl',track carried on the wave of British metal and aggressive metal 'Panzer Division Destroyed', seasoned with excellent guitar solos.

    Robust plate for FANS BUDGIE and metalheads who, without the shame can be placed in a row the most interesting albums of the year in the UK.

    Some old fans shook their noses, accused Budgie music betrayal....
    hmm for many years for me This LP is great fun!
    The battle A.D. BUDGIE 1980 he returned with a shield.


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