Valhalla - same (1969, US, organ/guitar psychrock, UA vinyl rip, single flac + cue, log, DR, artwork)

VALHALLA was a Long Island,NY based band comprised of Don KRANTZ (guitar,some bass), Rick AMBROSE (bass,vocals), Eddie LIVINGSTON (drums), Bob HULING (percussion,vocals) and leader Mark MANGOLD (keyboards,vocals) that played a combination of heavy psychedelic blues with powerful symphonic arrangements.

The band released their eponymous and only album in 1969, a wildly eclectic affair that at times recalls DEEP PURPLE, PROCOL HARUM, CREAM, ELP, and fellow symph-psych outfits as ROOM. Although the band swings from sixties folk-pop to jazz and the addition of an orchestra lends a pompous, almost cinematic feel to the album, Valhalla was always a psych-blues band, and this influence can be felt across the record.

Sadly, Valhalla would not have time to mature their sound and they shortly broke up. However, Mark MANGOLD's love of the organ (among other symphonic keyboards) would continue in his later AOR, heavy keyboard experiments, including the mid-70s group AMERICAN TEARS. VALHALLA is recommended for fans of Deep Purple, as well as fans of the 60s-meets-70s prog-edelic sound.
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Valhalla - Hard Times

side one:
A1. Hard Times
A2. Conceit
A3. Ladies In Waiting
A4. I'm Not Askin
A5. Deacon
side two:
B1. Heads Are Free
B2. Roof Top Man
B4. Conversation
B5. Overseas Symphony

Don KRANTZ - guitar,some bass
Rick AMBROSE - bass,vocals
Eddie LIVINGSTON - drums
Bob HULING - percussion,vocals
Mark MANGOLD - keyboards,vocals

[Rip and Scans by gigic2255]

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